Whole House Water Leak Detection Systems

Whole House Water Leak Detection Systems – Keep Your Costs Down

Water leaks of various sizes and types are very common and if left unattended can be very costly both in terms of financial terms and loss of irreplaceable items such as photos and other mementos. Being prepared for leaks is not only important so as to keep your assets safe, but it can also help to minimize any damage, however slight or major the damage may turn out to be. Even though there are different water leak detection systems that are specific to devices such as washing machines, toilets and dishwashers; it is advisable to deploy a single point of control whole house water leak detection systems to help in the prevention of water leaks at home. Here is a brief list of some of the popular  leak detection systems:

1) Product Name; Multiple Stations Leak Controller systems for up to 6 Appliances- 6 sensors

Product Price; $ 559.00

Product URL; http://www.freedrinkingwater.com/products/leak-detector/leak-detector-whole-house-whv.htm

Product Details; protects the entire home from any water damage. it does this by constantly monitoring up to six different stations and appliances. A fully automatic and wireless operation does close the main or central water supply when a leak is noticed or detected. It does this by using a brass ball valve that’s motorized with manual overdrive that’s been wired accordingly so as to shut off any incoming water supply pretty fast. This system does automatically runs a self test to check out on the battery life, indicating when a new battery replacement is required. Apart from being very easy to install and operate, it does also have a special holiday function which can be used during long periods of absence from home. It also has an audible and easy to see visual alarm indicator.

2) Product Name; PipeBurst Pro PB256 Notifier Water Detection System

Product Price; $ 1018.95

Product URL; http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-2726-pipeburst-pro-pb256-

Product Details; it does include the VIP and FloTrax plus any number of FloodBugs as would be required in an apartment. It does allow for instant alerts, informing the home owner of the exact location of leaks, allowing for fast and rapid response to the problem. The TickerValve Interface Panel (VIP) is a solid state construction that’s placed in a rugged nylon enclosure and is very easy to mount on any wall provided it is 3’ to 4’ above the floor level. It controls the TickerValve, communicating with the FloTrax control panel as it responds to various signals being sent from each of the FloodBug water sensors distributed around the home. It is worth noting that the VIP does come with an inbuilt SLA battery backup power unit.

3) Product Name; PipeBurst Pro JR 075 Water Detection System 3/4’

Product Price; $ 516.95

Product URL; http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-2720-pipeburst-pro-jr075-

Product Details; this system is capable of detecting, preventing or even stopping any domestic flood detection. This system does deploy a unique design that incorporates a variety of high tech sensors and tested proprietary system control components which offer a lasting value and desired flexibility. The sidekick included with this system is a high quality sensor whose capabilities are unmatched, its 5’ long, flexible wire does simply plug into the VIP Jr. It can be easily slid under a dishwasher, refrigerator or washing machine or any other appliance so as to provide a source of water detection.

4) Product Name; WSV-ELK Shutoff System

Product Price; $ 514.21

Product URL; http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-723

Product Details; provides rapid opening and closing action and a remote shut off of the mains water supply. It also does integrate the requisite automation or security controller; this implies that it can be easily integrated with a simple easy’ button. Apart from that though, the valve can also be integrated with a wireless pushbutton and receiver. It has 4 conductor hook ups with a simple 12VDC and a water flow indicator that shows the valves direction at any given time.

5) Product Name; PipeBurst Pro JR 115 Water Leak Detection Systems

Product Price; $ 1231.91

Product URL; http://www.smarthome-products.com/p-3012-pipeburst-pro-jr115

Product Details; this product does provide its owners with the most complete clean water detection and prevention solution available in the market. The PipeBurst Pro Jr is a revolutionary grade system that’s known to provide high quality and accurate flood protection. The system responds early enough and embarks on positive action so as to prevent any costly water damage such as ruined flooring and hidden mold. This system is easy to install and manage, making its use quite a breeze at home. Its sidekick water sensor is around 5’ long and is relatively easy to plug into the VIP Jr. The sidekick is basically a stainless steel casting that’s weighted and houses the gold water sensors.

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