What Is The Best Mattress To Buy For A Heavy Person

What Is The Best Mattress To Buy For A Heavy Person? How To Find The Right One

Choosing the right kind of mattress can be a daunting task, perhaps even a nightmare. This is especially the case when you don’t know what to look for. One thing is a fact though. That you will always look for a mattress that suits the person it is meant for. The best mattress for a kid is absolutely not the best one for a full grown adult. Likewise, the best mattress for a 65lbs person is clearly not the best for a 250lbs person. The idea here is that a person’s weight is a crucial factor to consider when buying them a mattress. This having been said, what is the best mattress to buy for a heavy person?

Before looking at some products really worth considering, let’s look at the important things you should consider first.

Best Mattress For A Heavy Person –  6 Considerations


In addition to supporting his weight evenly, a heavy person’s mattress should be able to stand the test of time. Obviously, the heavier the sleeper, the faster the rate of wearing out, at least for most types of mattresses. With time, spring beds sag. Ordinary foam mattresses cave in, collapse, and become thinner. Choose a durable heavy person’s mattress that will provide long-term support for their weight.

Sleeping Habits

The best mattress for the heavy sleeper will be affected by their sleeping position. Do they sleep on their side, back, stomach? It’s all about pressure points. When you sleep on your back or stomach, the weight is more evenly distributed than sleeping on the side. The even distribution of weight on the mattress relieves the pressure points. A back or stomach sleeper can feel more comfortable on a thinner mattress with less support. However, heavy people who sleep on the side will often need a well padded, sturdier, and thicker mattress. Depending on your relationship with the person you’re buying the mattress for getting this information can be a bit challenging.

“Sleeping Hot”

Some people generate some heat when sleeping and there’s nothing unusual about it. This is often seen in heavy people. It can sometimes get uncomfortable and sweaty. The good thing is that there are mattresses designed to counter this problem. For instance, modern memory foam mattresses use gel bead layers and open cell structures to for even heat dispersion. A mattress that is more breathable can suffice well for heavy hot sleepers.

Mattress Types

Another critically important factor to consider before going shopping is to compare the various types of mattresses available in the market. Just like mattresses for the regular person, your options when buying a mattress for a heavy person include the following:

• Innerspring
• Latex
• Hybrid
• Memory foam

Innerspring Mattress:

For a person who’s a bit overweight or heavy, an innerspring mattress can be a great or terrible option. This depends on mattress quality and other factors covered in this article. High-quality innerspring mattresses are created to provide consistent support and do not create pressure points as low-quality ones do. If you have to get an innerspring mattress for a heavy person, consider getting one with a coil-on-coil feature. Such mattresses feature two layers of springs to improve support, compression, and comfort.

Latex Mattress:

Latex too can be a great choice of mattress for a heavy person. In addition to providing good comfort, this type of mattress also provides a considerable level of cooling without absorbing heat. It also tends to provide a better bounce compared to certain alternative mattress types, including poly foams and memory foams. Latex mattresses also offer a ‘sinkage’ or hugging contour that is more balanced.

Memory Foam:

One of the greatest benefits of memory foam mattresses is their ability to provide consistent support. They also relieve pressure points, which makes them great for heavy sleepers. However, memory foam mattresses tend to have one major drawback. They have to absorb heat, which makes them a bit unsuitable for heavy persons who sleep hot. Nonetheless, some memory foam mattresses come with features designed to improve breathability and solve the sleeping hot issue. Some of these include gel layers, cooling covers, and open-cell structures.

Hybrid Mattress:

These mattresses have both spring coils and foam layers. They come with most benefits provided by innerspring mattresses, including providing better cooling, edge support, compression, and bounce. Hybrids try to minimize the drawbacks of spring, latex, and foam mattresses, making them a great option for heavy persons.

Cost/Price Range

You will also want to consider the price tag when buying or before approaching the stores for a new mattress. The best product for you is always the one you can afford without breaking the bank, right? Budget is always important, even though you will want to consider the above factors exhaustively first when doing your research. However, you may need to up your budget a bit to get a high-quality, thick, sturdy, and comfortable mattress.


Last but not least, the brand is always an important consideration when looking for a Mattress for a heavy person. The same case applies to overweight, mid-weight, or featherweight users. Some of the most popular brands for high-quality mattresses include Casper Wave, Sapira, Zinus, DreamCloud, Big Fig, and Alexander Signature. Of course, these may not be the absolute best. But you never know; your search might just end there when you check them out.

Firm Or Soft?

On top of these, you will also want to pick a firm or soft mattress depending on the person’s preferences. Additionally, ensure it is the appropriate size for the heavy person’s bed in case you’re buying separately. Still wondering what is the best mattress to buy for a heavy person? Here are some recommended products you might want to look at.

What Is The Best Mattress To Buy For A Heavy Person? – Recommendations

1: DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

• Buy From: www.dreamcloudsleep.com
• Price: $1,399.00
• Link: https://is.gd/1WrCKb

2: WinkBeds Plus Gel Hybrid Mattress

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $1,299.00
• Link: https://is.gd/xGvf7F

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