Water Heater Leak Detection Systems

Water Heater Leak Detection Systems: Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Damage to property is among the many fears that homeowners face. This being the case, fires have always been at the top of the list of common causes of property damage. However, water is also a common cause of property damage. But then again, it’s hard to tell when the water heater or tank will fail. What this brings in is the need to include a safety precaution in your plumbing. It’s important to concentrate on the areas that are more prone to first-hand damages from leaks. The best place to start is in your water heater tank. With the many brands and types out there choosing a leakage detection system for your water heater can be challenging. This calls for knowing what to look for in terms of quality, reliability, and performance. Having pointed that out, here are some pointers on what to look for when it comes to buying water heater leak detection systems.

Water Heater Leak Detection Systems – Five Pointers

Enabled With Local Alerting

The best water leak detection system should have a local alerting feature that signals you whenever there’s a problem. This, in most cases, will have a loud siren, beeping, or ringing. The alarm is set near the water heater, and, in places, the heater is most likely to leak. These alarms work well in especially hard to reach areas. Most of these systems are powered by alkaline batteries, but an electric powered one would be better.

Remote Alert Enabled

Some homeowners are mostly out and away from home. In such a case, you require a system that alerts you remotely when a water problem arises. The alerts are sent to your phone or tech device in the form of a text, call or email. To add on this, there are other models that come with a dual function. This means that apart from alerting you remotely, they will also sound an alarm. The alarm can allow someone who’s close by may attend to the leak and prevent a potential water damage incidence.

Smart Home Compatible

In this day and age, you have the right to expect most home appliances to be compatible with your smart home. This can also apply to the water heater leak detection system. This means that the system should work well with the Alexa commands and also Google Home.

Ease of Use and Installation

The water heater leak detector should also be easy to use. It shouldn’t take a genius to set the alarms and the alert types. Additionally, the installation process shouldn’t be as complicated. This can be advantageous in that you can install your Leak detector DIY. And without doubt, this allows you to save up the money you’d have to spend hiring a professional contractor. In case you choose to hire a professional, harder system to install can take longer. And if you guessed right, their installation could be more expensive since some installers charge an hourly rate.

Value for Money

As much as we’re all impressed by fairly priced products, there are quite a number of other important factors. You don’t want a leak detector that will demand repairs every few months if not weeks. On the other hand, you don’t want one that could miss a leak, subjecting your family and property to risk. This is why before buying water heater leak detections system, it’s important to consider the following additional factors:

• Brand Reputation
• Durability
• Customer reviews about the product
• The vendor you buy from
• Warranty
• Whether there’s a money back guarantee

If the brand is highly reputable, provides a considerable warranty, and probably has a money back guarantee, they’re probably worth investing in. All you’re left to do is checking what other people are saying about the product online and make budgetary provisions. Compare its pricing, durability, and the other factors mentioned above with other alternatives before settling on a specific one.

Water heater leak detection systems are not only handy when it comes to preventing water damage. They are also very important when it comes to preventing residential accidents and injuries. Most of the water heater appliances are powered by electricity. This, therefore, makes these systems a huge necessity in every home. You’ll also save a lot of money in unforeseen repairs and in some instances, replacements.

Water Heater Leak Detection Systems – Recommendations

1: Floodmaster Water Heater Leak Detection System

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $339.80
• Link: https://is.gd/4H9Ehb

2: Water Heater Leak Alarm Bulldog Water Sensor Leak Detector

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $19.99 + $3.99 shipping
• Link: https://is.gd/XGryJI

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