Mobile Home Hand Railings

Unique Mobile Home Hand Railings You Should Consider For Your Residence

How does the entrance of your mobile home look like? Does it reflect the beauty of craftsmanship, blended with functionality? It’s time you take a careful observation of your home’s entrance since guests will always approach your mobile home from the entrance, the exact location where mobile home hand railings are found. When it comes to the railings, you can either purchase them or build them yourselves as part of  home repair or remodel.

Mobile Home Hand Railings – 4 Considerations


If you choose wood as your stair railing, it has to reflect quality. The craftsmanship and finish of the railing can tell a lot about who you are. People tend to judge you by the look of things in your home. And for some reasons, human beings love to be judged positively, no matter what.


Of course stair railings for mobile homes provide safety, which is very important now that people sue their neighbors at the slightest accident. It’s so rampant these days!


After getting the safety of you and your visitors covered, you will certainly consider the beauty and the sturdiness of the product. A number of manufactures give their wood railings a quality finish. They apply Murphy’s oil or varnish to help them last long. If you choose wood, you also want to ensure that it doesn’t shrink due to harsh climatic conditions, and that it can stand pressure too.


Other options are also available apart from wood. Some people go for metal, especially when the railings are meant for indoor use. This is due to the fact that metal rusts when it comes into contact with rain water. So it’s best to have these railings indoors.

There are various options you can look into for your mobile home’s entrance needs. These options also work well with decks, porches and not just stairs alone.

Mobile Home Hand Railings – Recommendations

1) Aluminum Bronze ADA Round Hand Rail (24 ft by 1.9 in) –

This model is designed for both interior and exterior use, so you can use it on your stairs, ramps, and even on walking surfaces. The structural components of this hand rail are very sturdy, yet stylish enough to feel comfortable using indoors.

It can be fitted in almost every types of surface, including wood, brick and even concrete surface. It is made of 100% aluminum alloy for maximum strength and durability. And when you combine it with EZ ADA fittings, you get unlimited number of designs (sold separately though).

2) Aluminum Stair hand in Black (6 ft) –

It is sold as aluminum stair hand with base rail kit and 2 connectors for easy mounting. The connectors are uniquely designed to adjust to any stair angle. It’s an attractive and durable stair rail system which doesn’t mean vigorous maintenance.

When you go shopping for any one of these, your priority list should include safety, durability and style. And most importantly, you should also be concerned with the price. Metal hand railings are often expensive than their wood counterparts. So you should stick to whichever option you are comfortable with.

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