Eco Friendly Non Toxic Shower Curtains

TIps On Choosing Eco Friendly Non Toxic Shower Curtains

Using eco-friendly products not only improves one’s health, but it also ensures a more productive and better future generation. Societies have, through different campaigns, adopted eco-friendly products that are nontoxic to the population and the environment alike. When it comes to shower curtains, it is essential to opt for something (like eco friendly non toxic shower curtains) that is not hazardous to your health. Some previously used options have been found associated with the risk of exposing the user to certain chronic diseases. Highly worth the mention, cancer is one of the most likely of these diseases. These materials tend to produce carcinogenic and other toxic substances when exposed to warm and sometimes damp temperatures.

For instance, PVC products contain substances that can lead to an increase in weight and loss of muscles. When choosing eco-friendly shower curtains, a number of factors need to be put into consideration. Some of these include size, material type, budget, and so on and so forth. In addition to these, here are a few tips on choosing eco friendly non toxic shower curtains you want to read.

Eco Friendly Non Toxic Shower Curtains – Five Pointers

1. Consider Sustainability and Reliability

When it comes to sustainability, hemp organic cotton shower curtains are definitely sustainable although they can be rather expensive. Hemp is thick and can rapidly absorb water but not leak. Also, hemp cotton curtains do not need a line and can be washed in a washing machine when dirty. Most importantly, the curtain is durable and can resist bacteria and fungi growth. Hemp organic cotton is also not only biodegradable; it can also be recycled for reuse.

2. Opt For PEVA and EVA Instead Of PVC

Polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) has been found to be more environmentally friendly compared to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PEVA curtains are reasonably affordable and easy to wash. Unlike PVC options, PEVA curtains don’t produce the distinctive and irritating smell that tends to choke the user during use.

3. Go Green with Bamboo Shower Curtains

Bamboo shower curtains can also be a brilliant idea. In addition to being interesting and aesthetically appealing, these curtains absorb water at a higher rate but do not leak. The curtains do not need washing but airing. When completely worn out, they can easily be disposed of off without harming the environment or the handler. They’re easily biodegradable.

4. Combine Different Materials

As cotton seems to be expensive, eco-friendly curtains are also available in a variety of materials combined. For instance, some come in birch and a mixture of linen and cotton. Combined material curtains tend to be relatively cheaper than the pure fabric shower curtains. Some of them are also wash-and-wring, just like most other original options.

5. Be Creative – Go DIY

When making environmentally friendly products, one doesn’t have to always use machines. To make an eco-friendly curtain, for instance, only a few unused sheets and your needle could do the magic. Cut the sheets accordingly and sew them together. Find brilliant embroidery ideas from the internet, they’re plenty. This also provides an option for creating and adding uniqueness to the architecture of the house. Doing your shower curtain DIY is also an economical way to be a friend of the environment.

In this age and day, it is everyone’s responsibility to respect Mother Nature. It’s a universal calling to protect her from harms of all kinds that would befall her. Yes, you have green-energy rated electrical appliances. Yes, you support the 4 Rs of environmental protection. But it’s just never enough. Your curtains, and as a matter of fact, other interiors décor elements, shouldn’t be left behind. Consider changing your shower curtains from synthetic substances such as PVC to those made from natural or biodegradable materials.

Shower curtains are among the simple things that most people also overlook. But the effects of ignoring such small things are “untoldly” adverse. Changing the world should begin in homes and with the little things that people use in their day-to-day lives. After that, we can face the more complex environmental challenges that face us all. Nonetheless, it’s the little things we do/use/ ignore/ avoid, that contribute to the giant environmental challenges we face globally. Little changes such as using a eco friendly non toxic shower curtains can be a positive baby step towards a better tomorrow.

Eco Friendly Non Toxic Shower Curtains – Recommendations

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