Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Some Practical Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Once the solar panels have been installed, and, with the correct tilt, they’ll generally self-clean. However, dust buildup, bird’s droppings, and other substances will collect over time. These can affect the solar panel’s electric generation per module. Solar panels require minimal maintenance because they lack moving parts. The current technology has also contributed a lot in ensuring that solar panels last longer than they did before.

Nevertheless, it ultimately depends on the level of care they receive from the owner. It will determine its performance, reliability, and durability. In other words, it can affect your happiness, lol… Cleaning is one of the most basic care routines you can perform on your solar panel. Starting with the importance of safety, below are some solar panel cleaning and maintenance tips you can adopt.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance Tips – 8 Tips

Importance of Safety

There’s no point in hassling to improve your solar panel’s performance and reliability only to break a leg in the process. Before you get the cleaning, you should consider your safety first. Always ensure that you have the necessary safety gear and equipment especially if you have to climb the rooftop. Be mindful of wearing protective gear where necessary.

Get a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

The first and most important thing is to ensure you have the right cleaning tools and equipment. According to most professionals, it’s best to invest a solar panel cleaning kit. Some of the best ones come with a biodegradable soap, a small brush, a long handle brush, and a wiper.

Use the Right Detergents

Avoid using strong detergents on your solar panel system as some are known to be corrosive to the unit’s surfaces. Also, see that you stay away from abrasive cleaning cloths and sponges. Always use a soft cloth or sponge.

Get the Cleaning Instructions Right

Most solar panel cleaner kits come with a user manual that includes cleaning instructions. Read and follow the provided instructions carefully, especially when mixing the soap with water. You can spray the panels with water first to help soften the grime and dirt before washing with soap. Once you’ve mixed soap and water in a trough or bucket in their right proportions, start cleaning. Dip the brush with the long handle and use it to wipe the panels gently. Rinse off the equipment and the panel with clean water after all the dirt and grime has been removed.

Rid the Shades

Trim off trees that have overgrown branches extending towards the solar panels. This is because they’ll block the sun from reaching the panels. Also, some of these branches may at some point break off and break the solar panels.

Check Inverter Charging

The inverters should always flash green. This is a sure sign that your panels are charging up at full capacity. If this is not the case, even after washing the panels, call the experts for advice.

Performance Tracking

Document the performance of the panels in a tabulated form. This will be important in knowing how much energy the panels are producing and how consistent this is. Most of the monitoring systems are provided for by the manufacturer. This will also be the best way to catch problems before they become bigger and unmanageable.

Cleaning Safety

Actually, it’s more advisable to avoid climbing to the rooftop unless you have the necessary safety gear, equipment, harnesses. This might have been hinted out above. However, remember that soapy water can make the roof more slippery and dangerous for you. The brush with the long handle is the best tool.

You can also make it a routine practice and hose your panels regularly to remove dust and other particles. As we all know, solar panels are not a cheap investment, and with these tips, your panels will be well protected. Solar panel cleaning and maintenance ensure that your panels remain clean and efficient. It can also help extend your solar panel’s lifetime. And for obvious reasons, if you find it hard to clean your solar panel or perform maintenance tasks. In such a case, you can always reach out to a professional panel cleaner. When doing this, ensure you go for highly trained professionals from a trusted service provider.

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