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Shower Door Choices For Your Mobile Room Bathroom

When a home builder is redesigning your bathroom at home, there are many choices that you can make when it comes to the shower door. It is also possible for one to just have the common bath-and-shower combination using a shower curtain. However, it is good to have more than the practical area to wash up and instead have a showpiece as well. There are various types of the shower doors and the spaces where they can work best. The major types of shower door choices include shower curtain, sliding/bypass and lastly swinging. Under these three major types, the following are their products which are commonly used.

1) Frameless Bathtub Shower Screen, Swing Door, 60 X 33.5, 5/16 (8mm) Glass, Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges. Model 6008OHR (

This is the first one and it is mostly referred to as Swinging Frameless Bathroom Doors. It is a common type and it contains some contemporary designs. What you should know concerning this type is that it requires a big space unlike other types. Therefore, you should consider the available space to ensure that if you purchase it, it will fit in your bathroom door. The door can open both outward and inward, it all depends with what you prefer. With this type of shower door, you can select either the single or the double action swinging door. With the swinging glass door, water leakage is no longer a problem since it has magnetic catches.

Its Features

It has a European swing door design and a polished chrome hardware finish. The dimensions of this shower door are 60 inches in height by 35.5 inches in width. This is very ideal for a 5 foot bathtub. Other features include 8 mm of a clear crystal tempered glass. It also has a 6 inch radius of a rounded glass corner for a shiny look. They are available in various designs, finishes and sizes so as to suit the tastes and preferences of different customers. They are also very easy to clean and hygienic and they can last for many years. If you purchase it, it will be shipped in full to you including all the required wall and bottom seals plus all the mounting hardware needed. The cost of purchasing it is around $ 498.00.

2) Bi-Fold Glass Door – BVX3BL (

This is the second type of the shower doors that you should think of. It is commonly referred to as Bi-Fold Glass Door and is widely used in shower rooms. It opens inwards and this makes it to be effective when it comes to space. This is because you will not need to have space outward since it can only open inward. With this type, you will be able to prevent water leakage problems that may occur with other types of the shower doors. However, you should have it installed properly to prevent any problem that may result from poor installation. They are very perfect for the bathrooms which have limited or small space. The two panels are usually hinged in the middle and then the door is closed by simply folding it in to the shower. This door does not need much of your efforts when it comes to maintenance and cleaning when compared to other types of the frameless enclosures.

Its Features

The shipping weight of the Bi-Fold Door is 19 pounds. It has a Bi-Fold glass panel with 42 keystones and a Bi-Fold glass doors. It is trimmed in the matte black and this gives your fireplace a good finishing touch. When operating the fireplace, you can decide the door to remain closed or open. Once you purchase it, it will be shipped to you within two to three days. It is sold and shipped by the Shop Chimney. The cost of buying it is around $ 310.00.

The above two products are available in most of the stores in the United States. If you purchase one of them, your product will be shipped to you within a few days. You can also buy these shower doors online and this is also a very convenient way of buying to the homeowners. The best thing with buying online is that there are many ideas that you can find online. Consequently, this will enable you in selecting the type of your choice.

In conclusion, the above types of shower doors are very effective. Depending on your tastes and the available space, you can just buy one of the above shower doors and surely it will work out greatly for you.

Shower Door Choices – FAQs

Q: When were shower doors invented?

A: They were invented alongside the shower by the ancient Greeks. The elites and the everyday citizens used to bathe in communal shower rooms that looked very similar to the modern locker room showers. The first automatic sliding door was invented in 1954 by Lew Hewitt, and it was installed in 1960. The round shower door, on the other hand, was developed by Mason Company in 1956.

Q: When should shower doors be replaced?

A: These doors are among the important things in a bathroom, and several factors can lead to the need of replacing them. These factors are;

The door does not close properly. The door does not fit the way it is supposed to.Rusting.Breaking or cracking of the glass.Leaking doors.

Q: Are glass shower doors dangerous?

A: These doors make a small, shabby, traditional bathroom look up to date, attractive and also enhance penetration of light making the bathroom look bigger than before. However, they are as dangerous as any other piece of glass in our homes. They are dangerous because they may shatter out of nowhere that is why the federal codes insist that these doors should be made of tempered safety glass. In this case, when the glass breaks it will shatter into many small pieces instead of the large pieces. Since these doors tend to explode without warning, at least the small pieces of glass are less dangerous.

Q: Are shower doors reversible?

A: Yes they are reversible since they can simply be rehanged in a best-preferred way.

Q: How to clean shower doors?

A: They can be cleaned using baking soda and vinegar as these products help remove the scum completely. The following instructions describe how to do it.

Put half a cup of baking soda in a container, preferably plastic. Pour vinegar into the mixture until it forms a paste. Mix the ingredients properly and then apply some of the paste with a sponge once the fizzing that is produced stops. Implement the paste on the door and let it sit for up to ten minutes. Later use a window scrubber and clean water to remove the paste. You can dry the door after it is clean.

Q: How to clean shower door tracks?

A: Just like vinegar is used to clean the doors; it can be used to clean the door tracks. Here is how to do it.

Pour enough vinegar into a paper towel then lay the sheet on the door track for thirty minutes. After that, remove the paper towel and scrub the door track using a brush then rinse the door track off using clean water.

Q: What is the standard shower door size?

A: The door should have the ability to ensure that steam and water stays inside it. Before choosing the standard size of the door, you should consider the following;

Is the door meant just for a shower or a shower/bath combination/Is there enough space to fit the door?Will steam be included in the shower?Most standard door sizes range from 26 to 32 in 2-inch increment.

Q: How to replace the shower door seal?

A: The door seal helps prevent the water from the shower from leaking outside. The seal can wear off, and when this happens, it should be replaced. The following procedure shows how to do it.

Check the bottom of the door to see how the seal is attached.Access the seal by removing the metal drip rail and then pull out the old seal.Clean the door channel to remove dirt and wipe it dry.If the new seal has an adhesive backing, remove it.Slide the seal into its place using pliers.If the seal is too long, cut it and then put some silicon caulk at the end of the strip to prevent moisture penetration.Put back the drip rail.

Q: How to fix shower door rollers?

A: These helps the doors to open quickly, and when they get worn out, they should be replaced. The first step is checking how they are originally installed. Secondly, remove the doors to make it easier to replace the rollers. Then put the new rollers using a screwdriver and make sure they turn easily. If they do not, apply some lubricant and hang the door back to its place.


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