Mobile Home Skylight Options

Quality Mobile Home Skylight Options To Look For When Shopping

The most economical way to add extra light to your mobile home is to have a skylight installed. These mobile home skylight options are often made of glass or even plastic materials. They can be fixed or operable, while featuring a variety of shapes and sizes. To know the available mobile home skylight options, you need to know the material, the size, and features that come with it. In short, the best skylight is that which meets your individual needs.

So when buying any of these products, you’ll know their heat loss capabilities and UV-resistance since this is usually stated on the package. The U-value is mainly a measurement of heat flow, which also depends on the glazing capabilities and other parts of the skylight itself. The lower the U-value, the better the product you are buying.

Better insulation is often marked by a higher R-value. On the other hand, the UV-blockage value is usually expressed as a percentage of UV rays blocked by the glazing material.

There are 3 main types of skylight you can install on your mobile home. These are fixed, operable and tubular. If you choose the operable ones, you’ll get the benefit of venting as they allow sufficient air to flow through special opening.

Today, manufacturers offer several ways in which you can open skylights for mobile homes. The most affordable solution offers a pole which you can crank. Others come with batteries to power the poles. These can be controlled using a wall switch, or a remote device.

The frames are manufactured using various materials, such as wood, vinyl or even metal.

On the other hand, the tubular types tend to be easy to install in mobile homes since they don’t need any extra tubing. You only need to cut them to fit shallow depths between the roof and the interior ceiling.

Installation Tips

When installing any of the three skylights, you need to consider the position of the sun. For example, a southern exposure is often better for winter season because it helps heat the home. On the other hand, a southern exposure during summer will over-heat your mobile home, to the point of making it a nuisance.

Mobile Home Skylight Options – Recommendations

1) Fox Lite 16’’ by 16’’ Tinted Polycarbonate Surface Mount Skylight (

This skylight for mobile home will provide sufficient light inside the home, hence eliminating the need to use other sources of power during the day. Fox Lite skylights are very easy and quick to set up. They feature pre-punched flanges, and can be mounted on a flat metal roof, or even directly between roof decking and shingles.

With this product, you are guaranteed excellent thermal efficiency, unique ventilation technology and innovative flange design. The price is $50 per piece.

2) Sun Tek Sapphire 14″ by 22″ Tinted Polycarbonate Surface-Mount Skylight (

This product will naturally brighten up your room without the need for any extra source of lighting. Pre-punched flanges make them ready to install. They also feature double panes to enhance thermal efficiency.

This product features bronze-tinted dome with clear, stylish interior finish. The polycarbonate used to design this skylight is the same material used in airplane windows, football helmets and auto bumpers. The price of this product is $50 per piece.

3) Skylight Emerald F (

This model comes with pre-punched flange as standard feature, and is complete and ready to mount on top of any mobile home roof surface. It can also be installed on metal or even sloped roof. They come in a variety of measurements, with prices starting at $38.

4) VELUX FCM 2222 0004 Skylight, 22-1/2″ by 22-1/2″ Fixed Curb-Mount (

The inside dimension of this model is 22 in by 22 in while the outside dimension is 25 in by 25 in. It has a 10-year no-leak warranty when installed with ECW tile roof flashing (sold separately). This model also features a laminated clean and quiet glass to reduce unwanted outside noise in your home. It is also energy-efficient, thanks to the extra glass that it comes with. The price is $159 when you buy at Amazon.

5) Skylight Shades light Filtering ( (Can be Customized According to Size Requirements)

This is a simple glass skylight you can fit on your mobile home. It allows for ventilation since you can slide it open or closed wherever there’s need to. The price is only $153 on Amazon.

Skylights for mobile homes can provide the much needed light inside your mobile home. Investing in one doesn’t necessarily hurt your pocket, but guarantees a fully-functional mobile home.

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