Mobile Home Water Pressure Regulators

Mobile Home Water Pressure Regulators – Parts That Need Replacing

Plumbing systems in manufactured homes are slightly different from stick built homes even though the concept is usually quite similar. One of the main points of departure or difference between mobile homes and traditional homes is the location of the plumbing pipes. For mobile homes these pipes are not within the walls, instead these pipes are under the home and then stubbed through the floor.

Mobile Home Plumbing – Three Systems

Generally, there are three main separate systems which every mobile home must have for any proper plumbing. These include supply lines, ventilation lines and drain lines.

Supply Lines

Supply lines generally carry the water to each and every outlet in the washing machines, tubs, sinks and toilets. There are usually separate lines, one for cold and one for hot. It is also worth noting that most manufactured homes and mobile homes currently use Pex as their supply line.

Drainage Lines

The drainage lines on the other hand usually carry water and waste to the septic tank or even the main sewer line. The drain line is usually used to connect toilets, washing machine and tubs and the like, away from the home: as the name suggests the line is used to drain these sources and get rid of all the dirty or used water.

Ventilation Lines

Ventilation lines on the other hand tie into the drain lines, helping the pipes to hold the proper vacuum or pressure. Without these lines, the drains cannot work as expected. One of the main causes of problems to any plumbing is usually low or no water pressure. This is usually caused by any of the three things. One of the reasons is that the aerator or screen at the tip of the faucet which could need a good cleaning or even replacement.

In Addition…..

The pressure reducing valve may also need replacement. These mobile home water pressure regulators slash valves are usually used to reduce water pressure before it enters the home. Freezing has been known to cause the inner parts of these valves to stop functioning properly. Another cause for low pressure may be scale build. This is usually the case if galvanized pipes are used.

Mobile Home Water Pressure Regulators – Recommendations

Here are some of the mobile home water pressure regulators readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Valterra Adjustable Water Regulator (Lead Free)


Details: this water regulator does maximize water flow while still protecting the mobile home or RV plumbing. This regulator does shield your plumbing system from those unregulated and dangerous water pressures. The regulator is pre-set at 45 psi and does adjust for maximum water flow when called upon. Weighing only 1.6lbs, this regulator is portable and also very easy to use and install. This solid build item does make it very easy to adjust the pressure to the required psi when required.

2) Product Name: Hi-Flow Water Regulator (Lead Free)


Details: with an all brass interior, this water regulator is one of the top of the range regulators when it comes to increasing water flow. It is factory set to keep water pressure between fifty (50) and fifty five (55) psi. The regulator does provide the homeowner with at least fifteen (15) to twenty (20) percent more flow than what standard water regulators tend to offer. This is an adjustable regulator with a diameter of 2.5” and a gauge of 0 to 160. Making it quite ideal for mobile homes due to its varying gauge offerings.

3) Product Name: Watts 3/4 inch Brass Female in line Water Pressure valve


Details: this is an NPT threaded female union inlet by a similar NPT female outlet. It does also pride itself in having a sealed spring cage with stainless steel screws. The pressure valve does also have a replaceable seat module and an integral stainless steel strainer that’s removable for easy cleaning and overall maintenance. It is also easy to maintain and does weigh at least 1.2lbs. it is also worth noting that it is fitted with a lever handle and does also have multi-turn capabilities, the product is compliant with all Federal Lead guidelines.

4) Product Name: In-Line Water Regulator Gauge Combo-


Details: this pressure gauge does adapt for use with these standard water regulators. This does also allow users to know the normal hook up water pressure: this is because high water pressure can greatly damage the plumbing system of your RV or mobile home. this does regulate the pressure of water that’s between forty (40) and (50) PSI. this gauge does weigh a paltry 1lb, this pressure gauge can be mounted to hose swivel. The model is all stainless on both the hose swivel fitting as well as the oil filled gauge.

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