Mobile Home Underpinning Choices

Mobile Home Underpinning Choices – Replacement Options

Underpinning is the process of repairing the existing building foundation. There are various types of underpinning and the best method can be chosen by examining and understanding the architecture of the structure, the foundations and the specific issue with the foundation. The process is necessary to strengthen the foundation to support the weight of the structure, or when the exaction and construction affects the soil support system of the foundation. Other causes for underpinning include change in weight supported by structure or function of the structure.

Several mobile home underpinning choices can be used to repair existing foundation to provide support. The types include complex systems of plies and piers that include mini-piles, jacked piles, hand-dug piles, screw piles, helical piles and bracket piles. The piles and piers above differ in terms of layout, installations process and the materials used. Skirting is used as a form of underpinning in mobile homes to provide support, extend tastes and style of your mobile home and a completed appearance.

1) Metal skirting plates

The panels used are made of galvanized metals which are available in different colors and shapes. Metal skirting has many advantages especially if the panels are insulated properly. The panels are maintenance free, more rigid than those made of vinyl and they seal the lower part of your mobile home against rodents. They can’t blow off and they can be insulated easily. Metal panels are pocket friendly and they can last for many years without losing their great look.

Product Example

Sheet Steel Perf 24X24 16Ga: ($27.47 with $7.66 for shipping) –

It is sold and shipped by Steel Works Boltmaster. The shipping takes about 3-4 days. The panel has dimensions of 24 by 24 by 16 inches with 0.0598-inch thickness.

2) Wood skirting panels

They provide a warmer looking mobile home although they are not long lasting. They look great but most users complain of labor intensive and expensive replacement. The panels demand frequent replacement because they absorb water easily even after pressure treatment.

Product Example

a) Wooden Planks Wood Panel Effect Faux wallpaper Brown Color (Sample Only): ($21.25) –

It is shipped and sold by Wallpaper Heaven. It creates a cool faux effect look on the walls of mobile homes. It has a chocolate brown color with metallic and stunning effect.

b) Muriva Just like It Wood Grain Faux Wooden Panel Bark Effect Textured Vinyl Wallpaper (Brown J65008): ($23.45) –

It is sold and dispatched from Pink and Blue Gifts. It is strippable with good light fastness.

3) Fiberglass skirting panels

The panels provide an alternative to wood and metal panels. They are associated with numerous benefits mainly because they are corrosive resistant. They are lighter than metal or wood and they don’t rust. They are economical and easy to handle since they are lighter. They are more durable than panels made of vinyl, wood or galvanized metal. They are available in a smooth and rough finish which can be corrugated or flat depending on your needs.

Product Example

SEQUENTIA FIBERGLASS PANEL – C25T.126 (Pack of 10): ($25.89) –

It weighs 75 pounds with dimension of 144 by 27 by 2 inches. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

4) Lattice skirting panels

They are very common in mobile homes since they are the cheapest and are available in either plastic or woods. The wood lattice panels can be painted in any color although the plastic lattice panels don’t require re-painting. The panels are resistant to dry rot, mildew and moisture.

Product Example

Acurio Ginger Dove Black Vinyl Lattice Decorative Privacy Panel: ($41.00) –

It is made and sold by Acurio but fulfilled by It weighs 7 pounds with dimensions of 48 by 0.2 by 32 inches.

5) Vinyl skirting panels

They made of vinyl. They come in different colors to match the colors of different homes. Some are purchased in white to be painted later with a color and texture that matches the siding of the mobile home.

Product Example

a) Acurio Square Black Vinyl Lattice Decorative Privacy Panel: ($31.99 with free shipping on orders above $35.00) –

It is shipped and sold by It is made in the United States with high quality and durable 0.25 inch thick PVC. It features a low maintenance and easily printable, matte finish.

b) Acurio Moors Circle White Vinyl Lattice Decorative Privacy Panel: ($31.99 with free shipping for orders above $35.00) –

It is shipped and sold by

c) Vinyl Skirting Panels: ($9.99 without shipping) –

It is shipped and sold by Sequentia.

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