Mobile Home Solar Screens

Mobile Home Solar Screens – Can Help Keep The Residence Cooler

A solar screen is basically a special window screen mesh that’s specially designed for sun control. It is the most effective way to effectively control the sun’s glare and heat. It does this by stopping the heat before the sun’s rays enter the window. There are numerous benefits of using or buying or using mobile home solar screens in your residence.

Mobile Home Solar Screens – 3 Benefits


For starters, a solar screen is known to cool homes or other living spaces. These screens when placed on the windows can cool rooms up to fifteen (15) degrees in even warm climates. This does make the mobile home or any other living area much more comfortable even during the hot summer months. Further to this, these screens are ideal for reducing cooling energy costs. As a matter fact, there have been studies carried out have shown that installing solar screens on exposed windows can significantly reduce the cooling portion of electricity costs to as much as 30 to 35% on any typical home during a warm climate. The study even went ahead to even suggest that the payback period can be as short as one or two years.


The screen also protects furniture from fading. The screens achieve this by blocking the UV rays. This ensures that you protect your home furnishings and natural décor such as drapes, paintings as well as floors. They also help in reduction of glare. Screens help reduce the glare coming in through the windows. This benefit can be very beneficial in the home office, media room or even the family television room.


Finally, the screen does provide daytime privacy to the home owner. With these screens, it is very hard for passersby to see you when you are at home during the daylight hours. Just like dark sunglasses, even though other people will not be able to see through, the outward visibility is excellent. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to watch people and not be watched. To maximize on this, it is advisable to go for darker colored solar screens in colors such as dark bronze, brown or black,

Mobile Home Solar Screens – Recommendations

Here are examples of mobile home solar screens readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Sunsetter Manually Operated Easy Shade (4ft)

Price: $ 289.99


Details: even though this solar screen is sold without a motor, it does come with a simple and easy to use hand crank tool. The shade does enroll from zero to seven feet and can retract securely onto its protective aluminum housing when you are eager to enjoy the sun. They roll up perfectly, with no uneven slats or tangles. They are maintenance free and come with a five year warranty.

2) Product Name: Solar Powered Easy Shade with Remote control and built in battery pack (4ft)

Price: $ 599.99


Details: no electricity is needed for this solar screen as the built in battery does power the unit with lots of ease. It is also easy to install and quite versatile and can therefore be installed almost everywhere even though it is great for upper storey windows. The panel does not also require any direct sunlight so as to maintain a charge because all it needs is some indirect sunlight. Apart from having the same features as the motorized version, this model does have the additional advantage of being more eco-friendly due to the solar power.

3) Product Name: Custom Suntex 90% Solar Screens

Price: $ 59.95


Details: this solar screen is available in a choice of six colors such as beige, brown , black, stucco, grey and dark bronze. These screens are much sturdier and are therefore a good choice for those who are keen on getting a durable and long lasting screen. It does provide stellar protection against glare and it is recommended that one uses crossbars for these solar screens.

4) Product Name: Half Circle Arch Suntex Solar Screens (80%)

Price: $ 49.95


Details: These screens are made with Suntex 80 and is fabric that’s been woven using vinyl coated polyester yarns. Generally, the uniform weave design does offer users very excellent ventilation and outward visibility. The shading of this screen is approximately eighty percent (80%) and is readily available in six earth tone colors.

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