Mobile Home Shower Units

Tips On Affordable And Durable Mobile Home Shower Units

Irrespective of the size of the mobile home, it is important to have a showering unit that’s both comfortable and affordable. A good shower unit should also be easy to clean and maintain, it is for this particular reason that most mobile home shower units are made from materials such as Gelcoat and acrylic then strengthened with fiberglass that’s been reinforced with some polyester material so as to ensure that the unit is not only safe to use but is also quite durable.

Here is a list of some of the more popular mobile home shower units that can fit in virtually any home, coming in a variety of colors, designs and finishes. There is something for almost any home owner, the units include but are not limited to the following:

Mobile Home Shower Units – Recommendations

1) Product Name: 54” Deluxe Fiberglass Shower Unit


Details: this unit comes with a Lascoat Gelcoat finish with a fiberglass reinforced polyester for maximum strength. The unit does have rear corner seats with the front of the seat measuring 4.5’W while the back seat measures 16’W x 19.75D, is comfort molded and also has integral soap shelves on the back wall with an installed and well fitting acrylic grab bar. The unit also has a center drain location and the bottom is textured and slip resistant. The unit is sold with a three year warranty.

2) Product Name: American Fiberglass 54’ x 27’ Sectional Shower (Almond)


Details: this particular unit does have a Gelcoat finish with a fiberglass reinforced polyester body. It has a smooth wall and has a 2 piece molded sectional shower which makes its installation relatively easy. The unit also comes in handy during new construction or remodeling. These units are also sold with an integral soap shelf on each side wall; they also have an integral flange and skirt. It has a textured bottom that’s slip resistant and has a central drain. Its dimensions are 54’ Width x 27’Depth x 78’ Height with a front entrance of 9’ height. The unit does have a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

3) Product Name: 35.25’ x 72.5’ Solid Vikrell Ensemble Side Walls, 2 panels


Details: they offer a variety of highly sophisticated designs from gracious curves to sharp straight edges, giving the unit a classic look. The Vikrel material used naturally requires only a mild cleanser for regular cleaning, further to that; they are designed with curved edges so as to minimize the number of hard to reach places such as corners and shelves. Shower bases do have non skid bottoms and are also stain and scratch resistant, the shower bases can also be used with tile in applications or wall surrounds. The highly durable high gloss white finish does provide a relatively smooth surface that’s relatively easy to clean. This unit is sold with a ten year limited warranty.

4) Product Name: Aquatic 2 Piece Shower (32” X 32”) Bone


Details: this unit does have a smooth wall finish and well molded toiletry shelves. This particular unit is not listed by the FHA or IAPMO because of its space saving design that’s quite appropriate for manufactured homes. To avoid instances of slippage, the bottom is textured and slip resistant. The unit has a Gelcoat surface and a center drain. One can also opt to either have the unit with grab bar reinforcement or a factory installed assisted care grabbers. Users can also opt to have a brass drain that has a stainless steel cover. It does come with a 5 year limited warranty.

5) Product Name: 34’ Round Corner Complete Shower Enclosure Kit


Details: has a durable acrylic capped ABS which further reinforced using fiberglass for maximum strength. The surface, made from acrylic does give the unit a beautiful scratch resistant shine that’s easy to easy to clean. It is also easy to repair the scratches and scruffs. The units also have an obscure tempered safety glass with a heavy duty base and a chrome anodized aluminum frame. With dimensions of 38’ x 38 x 5 1/8, this unit can easily fit in any mobile home. The white walled unit with corner caddy does come with three shelves and a very convenient foot rest for ladies shaving needs. It does have a limited 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.

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