Mobile Home Setup Equipment

Mobile Home Setup Equipment: Get Your Home Set Up In A New Location Easily

Erecting your mobile home and making sure it’s up and functional via mobile home setup equipment is not an easy task. That’s because there are lots of logistics involved, and you must get them right to ensure the structure is safe for residential use.

There are typically two scenarios under which you may need to set up a mobile home by your own. First, if it’s a new mobile home, the dealer will organize for set up and installation — this is included in the purchase price.

However, if it’s a used one, or you want to change the location of an existing mobile home as part of a remodel, then you’ll have no option other than to learn how to move it, set it up and install everything. It’s quite an involving task, though you can do it.

Mobile home setup equipment you’ll need

You’ll need a wedge, a bottom board plastic, split bolt (to help you twist the frame strap into its appropriate place), Pier Pad, a Putty Tape (for installing windows and vents), Construction Grade-Plastic Sheeting (as temporary tarp), and a stabilizing anchor. Other equipment can be sourced as needs arise.

1) Start with the Authorities

People don’t just set up mobile homes without consulting with the relevant local authorities. You may want to obtain necessary permits for moving and setting up the home. If you’re not sure, check with your local building Inspector on the requirements.

However, keep in mind that in many areas, you will have the mobile home inspected first before before you can occupy it.

2) Preparation of the Site

You must make sure the ground you want to set up your mobile home is leveled. Also, ensure that gas, electrical, water and sewer lines are all in order. However, there are some instances where you might find these facilities missing. In such cases, you will need to hire a licensed contractor to install them for you.

3) The Foundation

You must build footers for the foundation if they are not yet in place. However, you must first consult the local code of that area to ensure this foundation meets the requirements.

It’s important to note that some areas will need pier foundations, while others will need underpinning walls when creating a solid foundation for mobile homes.

4) Moving it

You will have to move the mobile home into the place you want to set it up at. You may consider supporting the overall weight of the structure using a ramp during transportation. You should be careful when moving mobile homes because they usually get damaged in the process of moving them — if not done professionally.

Setting It Up: Mobile home setup equipment

You’ll need a hydraulic jack to support the structure while working on the foundation. It’s important that you refrain from using mechanical jacks because they are not as reliable, especially with heavy weights. They can easily collapse if the load is too much.

Again, no matter the type of jack you use, it must be shored to ensure paramount safety while working on the foundation.

Get rid of the axle and hitch

Once you remove the above items, you can choose to save them (depending on whether or not you will want to change the location of the home again).

Furthermore, during construction, it’s recommended that you build piers under the structure since they will guarantee that the weight of the mobile home will be supported. You can have them (piers) constructed on-site and then moved to where they will be needed. This is meant to ensure that all piers are leveled and also plumb.

At this point, it’s time to lower that home onto the piers. Make sure the jacks are intact because you’ll need them when leveling the home into place.

Floor Leveling Issues

You might have set up the home only to realize that the floor was not leveled the way you wanted. This problem is usually easy to rectify as you only need to make use of the jack to ease off the load on the home’s foundation pier. Usually, you only need to place the shim between the pier and undercarriage to rectify the issue.

Your mobile home should be up and running by now. This is something you can set up in one day, provided you have all the necessary permit for moving and installing a mobile home in a location.

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