Mobile Home Roofing Supplies

Some Important Tips When Choosing Mobile Home Roofing Supplies For Repairs

From a wide range of natural materials such as wood and slate to both classical and new man made products such as plastic polymers, sheet metal and asphalt, there are more styles and types of mobile home roofing supplies to choose from currently than ever before. Even though they all have their weak and strong points, they can all add some distinctive style and design elements to any home. in this regard, getting the right materials for your roofing needs is of paramount importance.

When looking for your roofing supplies, there are certain key factors which one must take into consideration such as the durability and overall longevity of the material used, this is usually the main overriding factor in many instances. it is also important to note whether the roofing supplies will hold up during natural disasters such as hurricanes or wildfires.

Other key important factors is to confirm that the roofing materials used are not too heavy for the existing roof framing, this is especially so for mobile and manufactured homes. One should also ensure that the roof has enough slope and that the overall look of the roof does complement the style of the house. Wherever possible, always opt to use materials that are recyclable and eco-friendly. Last but not least, make sure that the roofing materials that you use are all allowed by your local building codes.

Mobile Home Roofing Supplies – Recommendations

Here are some of the common mobile home roofing supplies readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Suntuf 26 inches by 12 ft Solar Gray Polycarbonate Corrugated Roof Panel

Price: $ 30.49


Details: this corrugated roof panel is quite ideal in keeping the home completely safe from all the elements and yet doesn’t block out the sunshine, since it lets the light shine through. It is also relatively easy and simple to install using normal household tools. It is worth noting that polycarbonate construction is up to twenty times stronger than the traditional fiberglass. The roof panel does cover a whopping twenty four square feet, make sure you don’t over tighten the screws. They are also easy to maintain as you just wash with a hose so as to clean away the dust.

2) Product Name: GAF Timberline Shadow Wood Shingles

Price: $ 24.30


Details: these shingles provide users with great value: they are practically priced even though they are architecturally stylish. They do feature a very classical and quite natural shadowy effect which is bound to lend any home a subtle and even more toned feel and look usually associated with the warmth of wood. Designed using some advanced protection technology, the shingles provide high performance, minimizing the overall usage of natural resources even though it still provides superior protection for the home.

The Dura grip seals ensure that the shingles stay in place, sealing each shingle tightly while still providing lots of superior protection for the home. With class A fire rating, these are one of the safest roofing materials in the market space currently.

3) Product Name: Gibraltar 20 inch by 50 ft Galvanized Steel Valley Roll Flashing

Price: $ 57.70


Details: this roll flashing can be used where two roofs form a valley or even be used as an extra wide eave flashing at the very edge of the roof. This roll flashing is very flexible and can be molded so as to fit water drainage needs, making it great for directing the flow of water. Even though it has been made from galvanized steel material for that ultimate stability, the flashing is easy to cut with aviation or tin snips.

4) Product Name: Henry 4.75 Gal. Premium Aluminum Roof Coating

Price: $ 1137.06


Details: this is a fibered aluminum coating which forms a tough and shiny reflective surface. It can on its own decrease the air conditioning and heating costs quite significantly, keeping the inside of the mobile home up to twenty degrees Fahrenheit cooler during the summer period. Its brilliant silvery matte and aluminum surface does reflect up to sixty percent (60%) of the sun’s rays: lowering the internal room temperatures. It is also quite effective in sealing pinholes and hairline cracks so as to increase the water resistance of the roof as well.

This protective coating is best for flat, metal roofs, mobile homes, barns as well as garages. Should be mixed thoroughly prior to and during the application process. Always use a commercial grade spraying equipment or a soft bristle brush and then apply liberally. Make sure you apply it in one direction only and make sure there is no overlap.

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