Mobile Home Makeover Tips

Mobile Home Makeover Tips: 20+ Renovation And Remodeling Ideas

The fact that you’re reading this is reason enough to make one assumption. That you understand the multiple benefits of mobile homes over conventional homes. Talk about affordable housing, convenience, the freedom to relocate with your home whenever you please, and much more. The list is endless. However, there comes a time when you need to transform the look and feel of your mobile home. Whether it you just bought it or you’ve lived in it since the smartphone invention, one thing is for sure. Remodeling a mobile home on a budget can be a hard nut of a task to crack. But remodeling can immensely increase the value of your mobile home while adding a personal touch. With a few mobile home makeover tips, the task can be much less daunting than you previously thought.

With some research, planning, inspiration, and creativity, a mobile home makeover project lots of fun. You’ll want to think about the various parts of your home, both the interior and exteriors. You’ll also want to put the best of your imagination, especially when it comes to updating your interior spaces. To cut the long story short, let’s get right to it. Here are some mobile home remodeling tips that can help transform your residence into that charming space you’ve always desired.

Two Mobile Home Makeover Project Planning Tips

1) Home Remodeling Apps

Thanks to today’s ginormous advancements in technology, you can create the interior design of your desire from your home’s comfort. All you need is a smartphone or a computer and you’re good to go. There’s a myriad of home remodeling apps that make it incredibly easy for homeowners with renovation projects. Most of them come with various home design features, tools, and ideas that make the process a breeze for you. Try one of them out and this will probably be one of your most favorite mobile home makeover tips. Here are some example home makeover apps that you can find on the market.

Home Remodeling Apps – Recommendations

1. MagicPlan

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2. Home Design 3D GOLD

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3. Roomle

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4. Planner 5D

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5. HomeZada

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2) DIY vs Mobile Home Contractors

Mobile home remodeling can be both an easy and difficult undertaking at the same time. The most difficult part is deciding when to hire a contractor for the job or go DIY. But there’s too much at stake to make a mistake. This is especially considering the fact that your safety and home’s value is on the line. At the same time, things such as time, expertise, and renovation costs can be a major barrier. As part of your mobile home makeover tips, choosing between DIY and hiring a contractor is crucial. In most cases, it mostly depends on the types of updates you want to give your home. For this reason, it’s important to always consider the pros and cons of each of the two options.

Pros For Going DIY:

1) You will save money

This is the most common reason most people choose to be their own contractors. You won’t have to worry about paying hefty labor or project fees. As a matter of fact, some of the money you save could go into a new home improvement task.

2) Opportunity for learning

One of the best things about DIY home renovation is that it gives you the opportunity to acquire more skills. The internet is full of DIY guides, hacks, and tricks that you can easily follow.

3) It’s easier to make room for future improvements

When you do it yourself, you can a personal touch to your renovations. Not only is it fun, but you can also easily leave room for future updates or improvements.

Cons For NOT Going DIY:

1) Lack of expertise

We can’t shy away from the fact that some renovation projects require a lot of skills and experience to handle. This means that a professional contractor will obviously do a better job remodeling your mobile home, especially if it unexpectedly contains asbestos.

2) Lack of proper gear and equipment

You may also not have the needed home improvement tools, gear, and equipment. This will make the job harder for you, if at all the project even starts. Some DIYers find themselves hiring a contractor with the job halfway through, which is obviously an avoidable costly mistake.

3) Safety risks

As a matter of fact, this is the number one disadvantage of DIY renovation projects. Some tasks such as working with plumbing and electricity can be overly dangerous for unskilled persons. Before you decide to do it yourself, always evaluate the safety risks involved in the project.

4) Often time-consuming

Unless perfectionism isn’t a concern, a skilled professional will complete the job faster than untrained DIYers.

5) Could void your warranty

Last but not least, DIY repair or remodeling could easily void your mobile home’s warranty for certain parts.

Pros of Hiring a contractor

1) Time

The project can be completed faster.

2) Contractor insurance

Most contractors are protected by insurance in case of an accident at the work site. You also do not put your safety on the line when you work with an expert renovation contractor.

3) Safer for home warranty

There’s a lower risk of voiding your mobile home warranty.

4) Preserves your home’s value

Since there’s a lower risk of the job being done poorly, working with a professional protects your home value.

5) Workmanship warranty

You’re protected by contractor warranty or workmanship guarantee in case anything goes wrong after the job.

Cons of Hiring a Contractor

1) Costly

The project will be more expensive due to the contractor fees

2) Hiring challenges

Choosing a reliable contractor can sometimes be challenging. Some contractors  are just scammers, whereas others are ill-trained.

DIY vs Mobile Home Contractors – Conclusion

Overall, hiring a contractor looks to be the best option, if the above pointers are anything to go by. However, there are still simple improvements that you can do yourself. You just have to figure out which ones are safer, more interesting, and easier for you to accomplish. It’s best to avoid making the decision solely based on the costs of the project.

Eleven Mobile Home Interior Makeover Tips

1) Mobile Home Bathroom Upgrades

Owing to its tiny size, a mobile home bathroom can be limiting in terms of the available remodeling options. This is especially the case if your bathroom has a toilet inside. One of the best ways to go about it is to put more focus on space-saving renovations. For instance, you could concentrate more on décor makeovers and features that maximize the shower room’s space. This may involve playing a bit with lighting, paint, vanities and mirrors. As far as the wall is concerned, simply adding wallpaper can breathe a new life into your mobile home bathroom.

Simply adding some hooks near your shower can increase your storage without consuming too much space. The shower curtains can be replaced and updated. Bathtub mats can be replaced with adhesives to prevent falls. Small wall cabinets with pull-out drawers are also available. Instead of freestanding fixtures such as lights, wall mounted or ceiling mounted options can do better. Also, do not forget to check if your floor tiles need replacement or reglazing. There are many online bathroom remodeling ideas for mobile homes out there that you can borrow inspiration from (,,, etc). Just ensure that you pick the ones that emphasize saving space while maximizing convenience, appeal, comfort, and functionality.

2) Bedroom Update Ideas

More often than not remodeling the bedroom tends to be easier compared to the rest of the rooms. Nonetheless, you’ll still want to give priority to comfort, convenience, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. For the walls, adding wallpaper can be easier and more economic compared to repainting. As for the furniture, you will want to start with your bed (and a new mattress  i.e. for men, for pregnant women and for children). There are many mobile home bed options out there on the market, including wooden and metal options. One of the best tricks is to ensure that your walls, floors, and furnishing create a harmonious look and feel. If you’re too afraid to experiment with color, selecting neutrals can be an advisable trick. You can also rearrange furniture and add some items to help make the room more soundproof.

Also, your bedroom may not be complete without certain additions. For instance, you could include some bedside cabinets or a simple nightstand for added functionality. You can even include a fancy chair for those days when you carry some work home from the office. You’ll also need a functional closet for clothing and personal supplies in case your home didn’t come with one. For the closet, you can even add a dressing mirror behind one of the closet doors to maximize space.

And for the night readers, how about adding a wall-mounted bed lamp above the headboard? Adding some themed rug to your mobile home bedroom floor will also create a spiced up look. Also, make sure that your bedroom curtains, beddings, and fabric are in harmony with the rest of the room. Add some dimension to the room with some pillows with geometric and floral patterns. For the bedroom, the main idea is to keep it symmetrical when it comes to furnishings. Play more with textures and patterns instead.

3) Dining Room

If your mobile home is big enough to include a separate dining room, here are some makeover tips for you. For starters, furniture is one of the most important features in any dining room. Before your remodeling project, you’ll want to figure out if your dining furniture needs updating. But the fact remains that space is still a major concern for mobile home owners. You’ll want to pick a table and chairs that fit well in your dining space as a set. Choosing dining sets that are too big will create an excessively crowded feel, which you don’t want for your eating space.

Upon picking the right dining set of table and chairs, there are other simple additions that add functionality and beauty. For instance, adding a tablecloth or a few of them can add some beauty and protection to your dining table. Also, a ceiling fan can add comfort for those warm nights when you don’t want to put on the AC. Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to your dining room lighting and flooring. There are so made dining room remodeling ideas online that you can borrow inspiration from. Just be sure to do some research and you’ll be good to go.

4) Updating Your Mobile Home Kitchen

Just like in conventional homes, the kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in a mobile home. The kitchen can easily appear squeezed and tiny, especially when you have a lot of utensils and appliances. When remodeling your mobile home kitchen, there are various aspects to take into consideration. Most importantly, it’s all about the features in the room and how you utilize the small space that you have. One of the best ways to save space during renovations is to consider under-sink appliances over freestanding options. This is mostly the case for things such as ovens, cabinets, and garbage disposals. A wall-mounted refrigerator can also save a great deal of space while adding convenience.

Décor is another highly important aspect to consider. In this case, the project may involve anything from changing your lighting fixtures to adding paint to the walls. Depending on the overall look and feel you’re looking for, adding wallpaper can be ideal instead of repainting. In some cases, you may want to install new countertops or resurface the existing ones. To add some class and style, stainless steel sinks and faucets can do the trick. As for functionality, adding some wall-mounted open space shelves can be an awesome makeover. These make it easier to reach and locate frequently used cooking items, equipment, and spices. Adding a range hood to get rid of the musty and smoky smells can be an awesome kitchen makeover idea.

5) Living Room Decorating Ideas

And then there’s the most used room in the home. There are many different living room remodeling variations you can try depending on your project size and needs. Some of these range from adding some rugs to repainting the walls, and replacing your floor. These days, wallpaper is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to repainting. Additionally, there are many beautiful variations that you can find on the market. As for the flooring, there are many awesome options to consider, including wood, tile, and carpet flooring. As a matter of fact, carpet floors can be easy to install as they can be added over already-existing floors.

a) Plants

Also, something as simple as replacing your existing furniture with new ones can do the trick. For that natural feel, you can consider introducing some living room plants. Some notable examples of these include the lady palm, Aloe Vera, fig, dracaena, and the spider plant. In addition to adding beauty, most of these plants will also purify your indoor air for added comfort. However, be sure to go for the ones that thrive in less amount of sunlight and live long. For an even better indoor air quality and comfort, consider adding a ceiling fan into your living room.

b) Interior Design

In addition to these, be sure to conduct some more research on interior design online for more inspiration. Seek more ideas regarding drapes, curtains, rugs, and upholstery and how to play with colors, texture, and patterns. The living room is your home’s centerpiece so you need all the information you can get.

6) Plumbing

Plumbing is one of your home’s most important systems, especially for mobile homes. During your renovation project, it will likely be affected in one way or another. Additionally, some parts of your plumbing systems may require replacement or modification. For instance, water heaters may require sealing to reduce energy loss. The toilet might need some minor repairs or a total upgrade. If it’s a major remodeling project, some of your water pipes may end up breaking, thus requiring replacement. Also, big remodeling projects may involve changing plumbing parts such as water pumps, water filters, water softener or conditioner, kitchen faucets, and bathroom faucets. Simply put, plumbing is one of those areas where a professional should be involved.

7) Electrical

There are many electrical makeovers that you can do for your mobile home. For instance, it might be time to install surge protectors to protect your electrical appliances from damage during electrical surges. Also, adding a few extra electrical outlets can add functionality and convenience to your mobile home. The project may also involve replacing old circuit panels and roasted circuit breakers. Your home may also need some additional light switches for added convenience. As a matter of fact, adding features such as smart light switches and light dimmers can be an awesome makeover. Nonetheless, you should never attempt to handle electrical repairs and renovations DIY unless you’re a qualified electrician. Doing so could put you and other dwellers at risk of electrocution, not forgetting the damage that electrical fires cause.

8) Room Additions

Another awesome makeover that you can give your mobile home is to add an additional room. Maybe you need some extra study space or perhaps a home office or a homeschooling classroom for the kids. Maybe you don’t have a garage and you need some extra room to store your tools and stuff. There are many options for mobile home room additions options, some of which can be used as multipurpose facilities. Others are designed for specific purposes, including renting one out for extra income, laundry rooms, sunrooms, nursery rooms, and even basements. It all depends on your specific needs and what you can afford. However, be sure to get attachments and additions that meet your area’s building codes and requirements. In most cases, one may require a permit after inspection to make such an improvement.

9) Doors

Your mobile home doors (especially entry doors) play a crucial role as far as safety, security, and décor are concerned. They help keep the elements and the bad guys away while adding to your home’s overall value. You can give your mobile home a makeover by simply upgrading the doors, their locks, or their fittings. Before your next renovation project, check if your entry doors, patio doors, closet doors, and pet doors need an upgrade.

10) Windows

Just like doors, windows play a significant role in determining your home aesthetic appeal, value, and functionality. They allow natural light in, regulate privacy, keep exterior noise away, and block the elements from entering your home. For these and more reasons, they deserve a good treat during home makeover projects. Simply adding some fancy window treatments can transform both the interior and exterior look of your windows. You can also consider installing window screens to keep flying and jumping insects away. If you want even more natural light into your mobile home, consider installing roof skylights. Sometimes instead of replacing the entire window, all you need is to go for window inserts. This allows you to use the existing window frame, which is more affordable and time-friendly. As a matter of fact, entry door window inserts are also available.

11) Walls & Ceiling

Much has already been discussed about walls and ceiling makeovers in the previous mobile home makeover tips. However, modifications such as insulation can make your home more energy-efficient. On the other hand, installing a carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector can make safer from fire accidents.

Three Mobile Home Exterior Remodel Ideas

1) Home Exterior

Just like your interior in the earlier mobile home makeover tips, the exterior décor should be as appealing and inviting. Some crucial areas to consider include your roofing, siding, shingles, gutters, awning, window shutters, and even the porch stairs. Be sure to search the internet for home exterior remodeling guides. From these pick ideas that focus more on design, patterns, shapes, and colors. Also, some gardening and landscaping ideas will come in quite handy as far as exterior renovations are concerned.

2) Front Yard

For the front yard, consider enhancing the look and feel of areas such as the driveways, garage, carports, and the sidewalk. Your fencing is also an important part of your front yard, so pick an appealing and functional option. You may also want to redecorate or repaint your mailbox as it can speak volumes.

3) Backyard

Your mobile home backyard is as important as your front yard. In addition to fencing, you can introduce sheds and greenhouses to give your home a makeover. Add some landscaping aspects and introduce a natural garden or artificial lawn for those chillax moments. You can also create a patio extension, which can be an amazing space for your weekend family events, like backyard weddings and receptions.

Five Specialty Mobile Home Remodel Tasks

1) Childproofing Your Home

Especially for those with kids, this is one of the most important mobile home makeover tips. Some, if not most children, are naturally playful and highly adventurous. During your mobile home makeover, consider including improvements that make it safer for your kids now or in the future.

Some examples include:

  1. Installing lockable drawers for hazardous materials and sharp objects
  2. Exposed minimizing electric cables
  3. Replace corded window treatments with cordless
  4. Make sure your garbage can has a lid
  5. Replace tipped furniture
  6. Have a safe place to keep breakable items away
  7. Basically, anything else that will make your child safer!

2) Pet Proofing Your Home


Just like with kids, pets can be overly playful and ambitious, especially cats. Most of the kid-friendly improvements will also apply for pets. However, you’ll also want to extend these to the exteriors in the latter case. For instance, make sure that your fences and hedges are in such a way that your pet pooch won’t get strangled during play.

3) Senior Proofing Your Home

If you have senior family members or friends, consider including features that make it easier and safer for them. Some of these may include ramps instead of stairs, support bars, door alarms and even wheelchair-friendly features.

4) Alternative Energy

With the rising cost of electricity, there are more than a few reasons to consider going for alternative energy. Wind turbines are some of the most common options to go green. Installing these and also solar panels can be an amazing way to give your mobile home a makeover.

5) Home Automation Devices

The list of mobile home renovation tips cannot be complete without a word on home automation. Nowadays, smart homes are all the rage in many places. There’s a myriad of smart home devices you can add, including cameras, clocks, speakers, door locks, thermostats, and smart lights. As a matter of fact, smart appliances such as hot water heaters, cooking utensils are also available. How about treating your windows with one of those smart window blinds or even installing smart windows?


Without the right information, ideas, and knowledge, transforming a mobile home can be an overly daunting task for homeowners. However, it’s as easy as discovering what you need and what you can afford. Additionally, home improvement is a continuous process that you may not complete in a single project. With the above mobile home makeover tips, nonetheless, you can easily prioritize and work on the most important makeovers first.

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