Mobile Home Financing Choices

Mobile Home Financing Choices: 5 Financial Aid Considerations

Mobile homes are beneficial in many ways and when looking forward to buying one, financing is one of the most important things to think about in advance. Including saving for your dream investment (or obtaining a grant), there are several mobile home financing choices. One of them includes approaching a financial institution such as a bank or a credit company for money, which you will then have to pay back within a particular duration of at a specified amount of interest as agreed. This is what is referred to as a loan, mortgage, or simply, credit facility.

When making this big decision, there are definitely some things you should be keen about. These include having some understanding about the available mobile home financing choices and considering a number of factors when choosing your funding institution. Below are some few tips and guidelines to help you through the rather daunting task, along with some helpful information you ought to familiarize yourself with.

Some Popular Financing Options

Land/Home Financing

This includes financing for both the mobile home and the land it will be installed on.

Home-Only Financing

Finances the prefab home only. These include FHA Loans, VA Loans, and Conventional Loans.

Mobile Home Refinancing Loans

Provides financing based on an existing loan.

Mobile Home Improvement Financing

Provides financing for improvement projects such as renovations and repairs.

Other Mobile Home Financing Deals

Loans for park owners, developers, dealers, etc.

Mobile Home Financing Choices: Five Tips:

1. Build Credit History and Maintain a Good Credit Score:

The secret behind getting any good financial deal is to plan way ahead of time. If you already have an existing credit history (you’ve taken loans and settled them in the past), you are better off. However, it can be wiser to start building credit first (by borrowing smaller loans and paying them back in time, for instance). Nevertheless, though, this doesn’t have to limit your ambitions. If you’ve had some difficulties with clearing your debts in time in the past, it would also be essential to get a copy of your credit report and determine first hand if there are anything affecting your credit score before approaching a financier/lender. Have any defaults and irregularities settled out first with the respective institution and Credit Bureau before you seek mobile home financing. Doing this will not only fetch you a better deal, in terms of interest rates and negotiation power, it can also help your mortgage to get approved faster.

2. Save for Down Payment

In most cases these days, most financing institution will require you to raise a certain amount of money as down payment for the purchase of your mobile home. This leaves you with no better choice other than saving in advance for the prepayment amount. You will, of course, have to conduct some research and determine the price or cost of the brand and model you want to buy so as to have a target in mind. The other option is to approach credit institutions for soft loans if you qualify for an amount that would equal the required down payment. The drawback in the second option is that it may have a reductive impact on the amount you qualify for when seeking the actual mobile home loan.

3: Prior Research Is Paramount:

Before signing up for any deal, conduct research to determine the mobile home vendor and lender with a better financing deal. If your’ approaching an individual lender, look at the interest rates and do comparisons for a number of companies. Consider their stability, certification by your country’s authority or financial regulator, and think about the experience as well as reputation in the service industry. Some dealers often partner with financing institutions to make the process easier and faster, which can be more convenient if the odds are in your favor. Also look at the mortgage eligibility requirements and compare these from lender to lender.

4. Understand the Contract:

When applying, remember to read the loan contract carefully, and consider the amounts you are applying for. Having an attorney’s guidance for clauses you don’t understand before impending your signature on the document can be is crucial.

5. After Financing – Pay Your Installments on Time:

There is no better news than receiving a phone call from your lender to inform you that your bank account has been credited with the loan amount, or that your mobile home invoice has been settled by the bank with the vendor. As much as you may have your entire budget laid out fine, always remember to pay your monthly installments on time. Apart from hefty penalties for late payments or defaults, defaulting payments generally has a negative impact on your credit score and can affect your creditworthiness in future, not forgetting the possibility of leading to the forfeiture of your property depending on the contract you signed. You can also consider getting an insurance cover that protects your installments and payment schedule.

Mobile Home Financing Choices – Recommendations

1: Land/Home Financing – Manufactured Housing Loans

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3: Single Wide Mobile Home Financing – American Financial Resources

• From: American Financial Resources (
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