Mobile Home Exterior Steps

Mobile Home Exterior Steps – Options Available

Mobile Home Exterior Steps – The Types

Mobile home exterior steps are available (for mobile home remodel projects) in three basic types: these are fiberglass, concrete and wood. These exterior steps work for any mobile home which has a raised entrance and therefore requires stairs  and handrails for easy and safe access for anyone seeking to gain access to the home.


Portable wooden steps are an easy and cheap solution for any mobile homeowner who is looking for a basic and temporary solution. They are advantageous because they are easy to lift and are also quite affordable. Even though they are not as deep or wide as other steps, they are quite durable. To ensure durability and longevity, they are usually treated with a light coating of weather sealer. When using these stairs, it is advisable to set the base on a concrete or plastic so as to avoid having the legs lying on water.


On the other hand, portable concrete steps are long lasting and heavy. Even though getting them on your doorstep may prove a bit problematic, once you achieve this then you are good to go since they can be there for the long haul. They are also preferred by most users since they can easily handle the elements with minimal damage on the steps. It is worth noting though that concrete steps are difficult to keep uniform on the edges because they tend to chip when knocked with some pressure in a certain area.


Finally, the last type of exterior steps is the portable fiberglass steps which basically offer the best advantages of both the wooden and concrete steps. These steps are by far more durable than wooden stairs but at the same time they are much lighter than concrete steps. They are also quite resistant to the elements and can therefore last a very long time. They are also readily available in a wide variety of colors which may be difficult to achieve with other types of stairs.

Mobile Home Exterior Steps – Product Recommendations

Here are some examples of readily available mobile home exterior steps readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Dura Grip II 32” by 24” by 36” Fiberglass 4 step


Details: these steps are constructed with treated lumber and plywood that’s designed to last a long time, protecting the steps against instances of decay, warping and rotting. The receding riser does give the step a 12” of stable surface for your foot. It has a textured, slip resistant and stone like surface which gives the stair better footing in virtually all weather conditions. It is also sold with a ten year pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty.

2) Product Name: Dura Grip II 24” by 38” by 38” Fiberglass 3 step


Details: well thought out general construction that’s been designed to give the product some long lasting features. It has been constructed using plywood and lumber which are known to outlast many other products because they neither decay nor warp. To ensure user safety during all weather conditions, the stair is textured and slip resistant.

3) Product Name: Metal Kit Steps- two steps


Details: these are basically, metal steps which look like bricks and enable easy entry into the home or portable building. These steps offer users a rugged yet very attractive look and feel outside the home and are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes to fit user needs and requirements. As faux brick stairs with a steel frame, they tend to complement any mobile home. They are immaculately finished and give the home a very contemporary look. They are also easy to handle and fit since they are not as heavy as they look. They also have a slip resistant feature.

4) Product Name: Fiberglass 4 Step 28” Height by 38” Width by 38” Depth


Details: this four step treated wood frame with fiberglass as well as resin interior coating is ideal for any mobile home. This stair is specifically meant to be used in mobile and manufactured home applications. The steps are constructed using heavy duty plywood that’s been treated so as to ensure it lasts for long even under heavy water contact. On the other hand, the deep penetrating treatment does protect the interior and exterior against all forms of decay and warping.

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