Mobile Home Energy Efficient Windows

Mobile Home Energy Efficient Windows: Options Available

Most of the energy loss reported in mobile homes is through windows. This is because they tend to be larger than doors, making it necessary to install mobile home energy efficient windows. Windows can cause various energy issues. If a window surface gets hot it can increase the temperature inside your home. On the other hand, if it is cold outside, the window surfaces will reduce temperatures. Inadequate window sealing can allow air to get in or out of the house. Solar heat can also penetrate your windows if they are not energy efficient and this leads to unwanted heat. Replacing your mobile home windows allows you to take advantage of energy efficient options.

Things To Consider

It is important to consider the energy performance rating offered by each window before you purchase it. The energy efficiency requirements tend to vary depending on the region you live in. Your mobile home’s design and the climate in your region should influence your choice.

An energy efficient window has a low-E coating. It can also have a coating designed to control the amount of solar that comes into your home. Windows with double panes are a good choice because they make it difficult for cold or hot air to get into your house. These kinds of windows usually have some gas between the pains. There are various options to choose from including single and double sliding windows, awning windows, and jalousie windows.

Mobile Home Energy Efficient Windows – Options And Recommedations

1) Jalousie Windows

This is one of the most popular types of windows especially for mobile home that were constructed in the late 1970s. They offer plenty of ventilation especially during hot weather. This is because they have several panes that you can keep open, allowing air to get in and leave your mobile home.


Aluminum Jalousie Utility Louver Window (

This window has a slim design that can complement both traditional and modern mobile homes. It is designed to offer the highest air ventilation. The window also allows light to penetrate. You can leave this window open even during a rainstorm without worrying about water getting inside because its louvers are slanted. Its louvers open to about 110 degrees. Its frame is made of aluminum and this means it cannot rot and it remains clean. It is 100% weather-stripped and is ideal if you want a large window. It can be used for both replacement and new construction. This window is available for $88.96.

2) Awning Windows

They can be compared to the jalousie windows in terms of operation but the awning ones tend to have between two and three glass panes as opposed to several panes. These windows open outward and the upper part is usually hinged. They are considered energy efficient because they have a sash that closes when it is pressed against the window frame. This means that they leak less air compared to sliding windows.


JELD-WEN 36-in x 24-in V4500 Series Single Vinyl Double Pane Double Strength Awning Window (

This is a simple window that is designed for use in modern mobile homes. It offers maximum ventilation. It comes with a high-performance low-E 366 insulating glass that is included to reduce energy costs. The glass keeps your home warmer during winter and cooler in summer. It is available for $236.40.

3) Single and Double Sliding Windows

This is another option available if you are looking for mobile home energy efficient windows. In this kind of windows, the sash is designed to slide horizontally. They are a good option because their air leakage speed is higher when compared to hinged or projecting windows.


ThermaStar by Pella 10 Series Left-Operable Vinyl Double Pane Annealed Sliding Window (

This sliding window comes with an advanced low-E energy saving glass pane. It has vinyl frames and this eliminates the need for maintenance. Its sliding sash is removable and this makes it easy to clean the exterior glass when you are inside. It has interlocking sashes that help to keep out drafts and this enhances energy efficiency. It is available for $158.53.

Review all the options available and make sure they meet your requirements before you make a choice. It is also important to remember to weatherstrip, caulk, and air seal your windows to enhance their energy efficiency.

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