Mobile Home Ductwork Supplies

Mobile Home Ductwork Supplies For Maintenance And Repairs

Once you have committed to improving the overall energy performance of your mobile home, then one of the major priorities becomes fixing up the duct work. In most if not virtually all cases, ducts of mobile and manufactured homes are usually poorly made at the factory with lots of leaks being present at the joints. The simple task of even moving the home to the actual site location does usually loosen the joints whereas the normal vibration is also bound to significantly contribute towards incidents of leakages. Mobile home ductwork supplies will be needed in the future to resolve this.

Understanding how the duct system is laid out and how the parts are generally connected is usually a very big help in helping the homeowner identify hidden leaks. As earlier mentioned, joints between sections of the duct system are usually the locations most likely to be affected by leaks.

Down draft furnaces which are coupled to some under the floor trunk lines as well as risers are usually the standard installation methods adopted by the manufacturers of these homes. most mobile homes usually have a main trunk duct which runs down the middle of the structure under the floor with each room having at least one supply register. Most of the times, the air that returns from the room all the way to the furnace usually flows out the doorway and down the hall and then guided to the grills on the furnace. When the supply duct leaks, this warm and expensive air is lost to the outside environment. As a matter of fact, most homes lose up to 32% of the heat that’s been produced in the furnace.

Mobile Home Ductwork Supplies – Recommendations

Because duct sealing is a relatively easy undertaking, here are some mobile home ductwork supplies which one will most likely require or need.

1) Product Name: Nashua Tape Extreme Weather Foil Tape

Price: $ 21.78


Details: this tape is ideally suited for taping seams and joints in heating, HVAC or A/C and refrigeration systems. The tape does work in extreme temperatures and is quite ideal for insulation applications: this high performance acrylic adhesive does provide permanent air tight seals. It does also have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content. It is does operate optimally in temperature performance from -35 Fahrenheit to 260Fahrenheit.

2) Product Name: Master Flow 6 inches Adjustable Elbow

Price: $ 4.94


Details: these adjustable elbows are generally used to make turns in the runs of flexible duct and round pipe through ninety degrees. These elbows have a sturdy galvanized steel construction and is therefore simple to adjust. These are also crimped on one end that allows the elbow to easily fit into a pipe or any other fitting which has the same diameter. This is used to make gradual or angular turns in runs of the pipe. It is made from a 30 gauge, galvanized steel construction and is adjustable to any angle through ninety degrees.

3) Product Name: Everbilt 4 Inch by 6 ft Semi-Rigid Aluminum duct with collars

Price: $ 12.29


Details: this aluminum duct is ideal when an all aluminum duct is required by code in some electric dryer or gas application. It can also be used for bathroom fan venting in a mobile home. this particular duct is completely non combustible and does have a maximum operating temperature of 435 F. fitted with aluminum collars on both ends of the duct swivel, this does make it easy to attach it to the exterior exhaust hood as well as the dryer exhaust port. As a semi rigid product, it does hold its shape, make it easy to control and improve the air flow. The flexibility of aluminum on the other hand does make it relatively easy to install.

4) Product Name: Mobile Home 12 inch by 25 ft Insulated flexible duct

Price: $ 46.35


Details: this insulated flexible duct R4.2 black jacket is generally used in mobile and manufactured home heating and air conditioning systems as well as in some other venting application. Its extra heavy jacket that’s made from polyethylene does allow for both indoor and outdoor applications. It does also have UV inhibitors. The oversized core comes in quite handy when you want to install it to standard sheet metal fitting. It does also have a galvanized core wire which enhances its corrosion resistance capability while its insulated duct features allow it to effectively handle temperature ratings of up to 200 F. the duct length can also be cut according to the required size without any unnecessary wastage whatsoever.

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