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Mobile Home Circuit Breaker Boxes Explained

If you must have electricity in your residence, in your business premises or elsewhere, then be prepared to learn about mobile home circuit breaker boxes. With respect to that, this piece of information is for value-minded contractors, builders, DIY remodelers and homeowners.

Mobile Home Circuit Breaker Boxes – What Are They? What Do They Do?

Some people call them load centers, breaker boxes, service panels and so forth. But regardless of what you want to call them, circuit breaker panels play a very important role in your home. They are made of steel, and their function is to hold multiple circuit breaker electrical components, which distribute power throughout your home.

In the event of an electric shock or over-current, they ‘’trip’’, hence protecting your wiring from electricity damage.

Why Upgrade?

There are certain reasons why people may want to a new circuit breaker panel. May be your power needs has exceeded the capacity of your current circuit breaker box, or you simply need to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers.

It’s important to know that additional circuit breakers don’t provide additional electricity. So for your overall electricity needs, make use of the services of a professional electrician to upgrade your power, and in the process, bringing in additional accessories and circuit breaker panels. Here, we are only going to guide you on how to buy these boxes.


1) Component

Expect to find the main breaker, bus bars, circuit breaker, neutral bus bars as well as grounding bus bars.

2) Types

They include main breakers, sub-panel and transfer wires.

3) Amps

This will vary according to your needs. Typically, the range is between 100-200.

4) Circuit breaker

There’s single pole, double, GFCI and AFCI.

What Should Be Present In The Package?

When buying, ensure that all components, as named above are present in the package. Main breaker panels are used when you want to cut off power to your residence. In the main lug design, the wires run to lugs. They require a separate disconnect though, and the main breaker would assume that function. In the event of fire, you don’t have to enter the building to cut off power. This is why some people use them.

Sub Panels

Sub panels let you re-adjust your energy distribution according to your power needs. If your circuit breaker box doesn’t have enough space to add slots, this is the best option for you.

Transfer Wires

Lastly, transfer wires are considered typical sub-panels that transfer generator power into electrical power through your circuit breaker box. These are ideal if you live in areas susceptible to storm. They also come in manual and automatic versions, so choose according to your needs.

Mobile Home Circuit Breaker Boxes  – Recommendations

1) Homeline 100 Amp, 12 circuits, 6-space Indoor Surface Circuit Breaker Box (

This product has been UL listed for use in both residential and commercial premises. It is designed with plated aluminum bus bar that is tried and tested. Rated between 120V to 240V, this slot/square drive circuit panel lets you use any type of screwdriver head. Surface mount cover is also included. The product retails at $19.

2) Murray LW002GRU 60A Model (

It’s a 6 AMP circuit breaker box with an enclosure to keep it safe (for outdoor use). It is also a 2-space and 4-circuit main lug breaker. It’s ideal for outdoor use. It is priced at $25.

3) Murray LC2040B1100P 20-Space, 40 Circuit, 100 Amp Circuit Breaker Box (

This model is equipped with a LC2040B1100P load center, with 6MP 120 breakers included. Bus bars are made of aluminum material. It also comes with a mount cover. You pay $55 only when you shop at Amazon.

4) Siemens 12 space, 125 Amp, 24 circuit Indoor load center (

This 125Amp circuit breaker panel comes with a load center and a main lug. Capacity is 24 circuit and 12 space. It is in-door rated, so it won’t disappoint you where indoor use is concerned. It costs $49 only.

5) Siemens W0202MB1200CU 200Amp Outdoor Circuit breaker box (

This one has a large capacity of 200 Amp, with main breaker also included. It meets UL standards, so you’re only getting a quality circuit breaker panel. It is suitable for outdoor use. The price is $125 at Amazon.

All these are quality circuit breaker panels you can buy to help with your power needs. However, depending on your typical power usage, you may want to go for one product as opposed to the other. The decision is up to you. But now that you know how to shop for these products, you should get the right circuit breaker box.

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