Mobile Home Ceiling Materials

Mobile Home Ceiling Materials: Their Characteristics And Where To Buy Them

Choosing between practical functionality and aesthetic appeal means learning about the different types of mobile home ceiling materials available in the market. You have to strike the correct balance anyway. Strictly talking, a ceiling can virtually be made out of any material that comes to mind. However, commonly used materials should be practical and cost-effective to buy and maintain. Furthermore, each one of them has their own pros and cons when it comes to work capacity and visual appeal.

Mobile Home Ceiling Materials – 4 Options


Buildings may use them on the walls. However, in terms of roof applications, drywall material is used in the form of tiles. This material is derived from natural mineral called gypsum. The advantage of using this material is that it’s waterproof and fire retardant. Drywall also comes in a vast array of textures to enhance visual appeal.


Do you want a rustic appeal? Then this is your option, wood! Most of them are made of pine and are light brown in color. Visual appeal can be enhanced when they are painted. The tongue and groove pattern lets the material fit correctly against each other. Consequently, one will grasp the illusion that the ceiling finish is complete throughout the room. They are often used in conjunction with drywall to enhance fire retardant capabilities.

Acoustical Material

If you have a mobile home and noise is an issue, this material is the best option for you. They absorb sound due to the fact that they are made of starch and fiberglass blend. But they can also be manufactured out of other spun mineral fiber.

There’s also an option to go with wood fiber. The problem with this option is that it’s not practical under humid climate.

All in all, they come in a variety of types to offer different noise-reduction capabilities. Because of these minor differences, the price will vary. So depending on how you want to shield noise on your mobile home, you may want to choose a more costly option.

Other materials

Mobile home ceilings can be manufactured out of other materials too. These will come with their advantages and disadvantage. A more cost-effective option is plastic tiles. They are inexpensive to produce, so the consumer also gets them cheaply.

Other materials such as metal, copper and tin are also available for mobile home owners to use. The only disadvantage with a metal ceiling is that it’s more difficult to cut. Finally, cork is another good option to use since it is environmentally-friends, plus it is easy to install.

Mobile Home Ceiling Materials – Recommendation

PVC stretch for mobile home ceiling applications (

This product is good-looking and also very easy to clean. It has also been treated to provide superior look and durability. It is waterproof, fire-retardant, corrosion and weather-resistant. Lastly, it offers good insulation and is environmentally-friendly. It costs less than $3 per piece. Here’s the link:


Regardless of the type of mobile home you own, these ceiling materials are ideal for roofing purposes. Others even keep your home warm during cold seasons, while keeping noise as low as possible. And don’t be afraid to sample other options available in the market.

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