Mobile home Carport Parts

Mobile Home Carport Parts For Repair And Maintenance Needs

Mobile home carports allow homeowners to get shelter for their vehicles at relatively reasonable prices while still saving on both time and space. For a mobile home, getting a portable carport is quite ideal as it will easily fulfill the need for having a garage.

Carports come in various sizes and are made from a wide variety of materials.  They can be large enough to accommodate several vehicles or small enough for just one vehicle. Most carports though tend to be of average size. Metal carports are usually the strongest and most durable but when you are looking for a mobile home carport the best choice should be made based on various factors such as the material used, the portability levels or capabilities of the carport, the ease of assembly and disassembly as well as the overall weight of the carport. It is also important to keep in mind that the carport will be exposed to very harsh elements and should therefore be able to withstand these harsh demands.

A good mobile home carport should be easy to carry and assemble. It should also protect the vehicle from elements such as snow, rain and ice. Generally, mobile home anchors are usually used to keep these carports in place, a good carport can also be used as a source of shelter for family and friends alike.

Even though the material should be lightweight, it should be strong enough to withstand the harsh and at times unpredictable weather demands. Even though we may take all the precautionary measures necessary, a carport may from time to time be harmed. If the material is fabric, the process of installing and uninstalling may wear and tear the carport. In this regard, it is important to have some repair kit of have some knowledge on where to get the requisite parts.

Mobile Home Carport Parts – Recommendations

Here are some very important mobile home carport parts which every mobile home owner should have or know where to purchase.

1) Product Name: Duckbill Earth Anchor

Price: $ 34.99


Details: this is without doubt a labor and time saving device which basically functions like a toggle bolt in the soil. Generally, duckbills are usually driven into the ground using a drive steel. This does provide a safe and secure environment which is ideal for this type of installation. It is also worth mentioning that this method of installation is also environmentally friendly because there is no need for concrete or even digging the surface. These anchor are sold in sets of four (4) and have a holding capacity of 1100lb. in the case of Asphalt installation, it is recommended that you first drill a 2” hole into the asphalt before the anchor is driven in.

2) Product Name: Premium Repair Tape

Price: $ 50.00


Details: this tape is ideal for repairing existing tarps as well as for the installation of new liners. It is also worth mentioning that the tape is specially formulated for repairing, sealing and seaming tarp cover liners. It is composed of very tough multipolymer alloy film which is fitted with some synthetic elastomeric adhesive. The tape is also resistant to abrasion, thermal expansion, bacteria, impact as well as UV rays. With a thickness of 25mil and tensile strength of 4,500PSI, this tape is ideal for all applications where leak resistance, puncture protection and abrasion support are important.

3) Product Name: Heavy Duty Auger Anchor

Price: $ 35.00


Details: this auger anchor assembly does include 30” ground anchor as well as steel cable and cable clamps which are used to secure the frame. It is also ideal for use in either grass or dirt surface. It does also have a 3” diameter disc at the very bottom of the screws which snugly fit into the ground. They are usually sold in four (4) packs

4) Product Name: Easy Roll up Door Kit

Price: $ 60.00


Details: this kit can be used to stop your carport door in virtually any position. All the parts in this kit are weather resistant, this is important because it does imply that there are no jam ups at the bottom of the kit either because of rust or freezing. The roll up door kit does work on all sizes of any carport shelter. It is also worth mentioning that the easy zip up kits for tall shelters does completely eliminate the need for any ladders so as to easily zip up the carport. The door can roll either outside or inside and is therefore quite versatile.

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