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Keep Your Home Accessible To Everyone With Mobile Home Access Ramps

Before you begin shopping for mobile home access ramps, it is important to factor all the spaces in your home that have raised thresholds, steps or other barriers. Some common areas where ramps are needed at home include steps leading to back entry or front doors, the threshold between the shower and the floor in the bathroom or any other raised lips or thresholds such as exterior doors. Usually, the length of the stairs as well as the vertical height the ramp needs to ascend when fitted will determine the type of ramp you may require.

Mobile Home Access Ramps – Some Types

There are several types of ramps which one can choose from, this include but are not limited to doorway, threshold, modular and portable ramps which are used to cross a couple or number of steps.

Doorway Ramps

For doorway ramps, the most common types are the panel and solid ramps.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are the most common type of ramp needed outside and inside the home. These ramps are quite short and are usually designed to facilitate a relatively light and small rise. They are usually quite light and portable as well.

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are commonly used to bridge an unnatural rise of stairs at a home: they usually fold up like suitcases and can therefore be easily carried away. Before purchasing a portable ramp, it is important to take into consideration the total weight of the access ramp and ensure it can easily be carried along.

Modular Ramps

Modular ramps on the other hand are quite ideal when you need a ramp length that’s beyond what is generally offered for getting through back and front doors. They usually have customizable lengths.

Mobile Home Access Ramps – Recommendations

Here are some examples of some mobile home access ramps which readily available in the market:

1) Product Name: Travel Ramps Fiberglass Solid Threshold Ramp 600lb Capacity

URL: http://is.gd/TLhu39

Details: this fiberglass ramp provides easy accessibility both outdoors and indoors to mobile homes and other on site homes. The 600lb capacity is strong enough to support power chairs and is also suitable if you are using crutches, cane or a walker. The commercial non-skid tape does provide long lasting and safe traction. The ramp is available in various lengths of 3feet, 4 feet or 5 feet. It is also quite lightweight and therefore very portable since it is made from injection molded fiberglass. It does also have pre-drilled mounting holes which can be used for permanent installation.

2) Product Name: PVI Aluminum Solid Threshold Ramp

URL: http://is.gd/deBDn2

Details: this is a great solution for anyone who wants a permanent ramp for wheelchairs. This is a one piece aluminum wheelchair ramp that’s very stable and comes in a wide variety of widths and lengths, the solid aluminum construction can comfortably handle up to 800lbs. it does have a slip resistant surface making it quite ideal for use by crutches or even walkers. It is worth noting that custom widths to fit your mobile home are readily available and hardware for optional threshold application is also included. It is also sold with a safety DVD.

3) Product Name: Aluminum Adjustable Solid Threshold Ramp

URL: http://is.gd/xQpFp8

Details: this is an ideal choice for those who need a ramp for a step or threshold. The height of this ramp adjusts from 3 -3/4 to around 7.5 inches by simply twisting the fitted threaded legs. This product is constructed from durable yet lightweight aluminum with an epoxy based non slip surface. Even though the ramp has a 400lb capacity, it does weigh a paltry 12lbs, making it quite portable and easy to move around. For good visibility, the ramp has a yellow powder coat finish and an epoxy based non slip surface for the ultimate safety.

4) Product Name: EZ-Access Aluminum Suitcase Single Fold Ramp

URL: http://is.gd/G7jqGH

Details: allows users to gain instant access on raised landings, in vehicles or up stairs. It is constructed using lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and weighs less than 30lbs depending on the size of the ramp. It is very portable and its design allows users to carry it like a suitcase wherever they maybe going. It has a self adjusting transition plate that provides a very solid footing as well as a skid resistant surface which grips the wheels for that excellent traction. This ramp does have an 800lb weight capacity and is readily available in various lengths up to six foot. It does include a three year manufacturer’s warranty. It is also worth mentioning that each of the section features a carrying handle which allows the ramps to be carried as a suitcase as earlier mentioned.

If You Wish To Build Your Own Access Ramp As Part Of A Home Makeover……

Here are some how to vids.

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