Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Contact Paper

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Contact Paper For A Quick Transformation

The kitchen cabinets are in a way the face of the kitchen. It is therefore important that they are presentable and in good shape. Due to repeated use (and cleaning), they may over time lose their glow and appeal. This calls for remodeling or in simpler terms, refacing. More often than not, remodeling is always cheaper than replacing. This is where the  kitchen cabinet refacing contact paper comes in handy.

The best thing about contact papers is that they work on basically any surface. Needless to say, they come in a variety of colors and textures to choose from. Once installed, the paper creates a waterproof surface that is durable, easy to maintain and can easily be removed. More interestingly, you can use it to transform your kitchen cabinetry without hiring a professional. But how exactly can you go about it DIY? It’s simple, you only need to have the right materials and follow the right guide. This being the case, below are some tips to transform your kitchen cabinetry using kitchen cabinet refacing contact paper.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Contact Paper – 5 Transformation Tips

The Requirements

• Tape measure
• Utility knife
• Sponge
• Mild detergent (preferably dish soap)
• Plastic squeegee
• Screwdriver
• Soft cloth
• Contact paper

The Procedure

First, you’ll need to clean all the surfaces on which the kitchen cabinet refacing contact paper will be applied to. Use warm water and some dish soap to clean the cabinets.

Next, remove any cabinet doors, knobs, and handles using the screwdriver.

If it’s possible to detach the shelves, consider doing so. If there are deep scratches on the cabinets, you’ll want to fill them up with putty. You’ll then have to smooth the surface using a fine-tooth sandpaper.

Take Measurements

Using a measuring tape, take the cabinet measurements including the exposed sides to the door and the cabinet shelves. Note these measurements on a piece of paper. On the contact paper, mark all your measurements and cut to precision using the utility knife. Ensure that the contact paper has an adhesive that allows it to stick to the prepared surfaces.


Pick and peel the corner of the contact paper for the section you would want to start with. You may use a razor blade to peel. With a spray of baby shampoo, wet both sides of the paper. Next, place the contact paper on a clean surface once you’ve removed the paper backing. This will provide you with the required slide necessary for positioning the contact paper on the surface.

Using the squeegee, start from the middle outward to remove all the air pockets and bubbles. Using the same method, do this to all the sections of the cabinets including the doors and shelves. Once the doors are done, the contact paper should be allowed enough time to dry. Give it at least 24 hours before screwing them back to the cabinets, including the hardware and the knobs. This done, your kitchen cabinets are as good as new.


You may select from a wide range of colors and patterns, which may include jungle, animal, and flower patterns. You can also choose between contact papers with metallic, wooden, or stone finishes. Whichever you choose for your cabinetry remodeling project, make sure that it complements your interior décor. Prices also vary with material, size, finish, and quality.

Contact papers have proven to be the most inexpensive means of remodeling. As a matter of fact, they’re also applicable in bathroom cabinets, closet doors, and other house furniture. Refacing contact paper helps preserve and maintain the glowing look of your cabinetry. It protects your cabinets from damage by heat and water. Kitchen cabinet refacing contact paper also makes your cabinetry easy to clean and maintain. The above DIY tips can be useful to give your kitchen that remodeling upgrade it has deserved for a while.

However, nothing is casting rocks when it comes to upgrading your kitchen cabinetry with contact paper. For various reasons, you may be short of time, tools, and skill. Hiring a professional kitchen remodeler for the job can be a great idea, especially if not on a tight budget.

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