Clothes Dryer Vent Supplies

Important Tips When Shopping For Clothes Dryer Vent Supplies

The market is currently awash with clothes dryer vent diverters. These fixtures usually consist of a vent duct connection as well as a small water reservoir. Generally, as the dryer exhaust passes through the fitted diverter, the moist air that’s coming from the clothes dryer does vent into the room whereas the lint is usually captured by the water in the reservoir. It is worth noting that this is usually done on only gas dryers, this is usually because of safety concerns. The exhaust usually contains combustion by products such as carbon monoxide which can be dangerous to breathe if it is mistakenly vented into your home.

There are several advantages of using your dryer to even supplement furnace heat, first and foremost it ensures your clothes are clean and secondly it does provide you with a warmer home and some required humidity in the home.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not very difficult to use your dryer heat so as to warm your mobile home. first you need to split your extendable and flexible aluminum dryer vent hose into 2 sections above the top of the dryer by simply cutting it in half right through the spiral. Next, you should fasten the vent section from the dryer to the top of the dryer using some screw anchors and leave at least 2 inches free for use as a lint filter.

You should then place a vent cover or use something else to cover the vent. Lastly, it is worth noting that Because the humidity from an electric clothes dryer can cause mold to build up in the utility room, it is advisable to buy a fan and put it on top of the dryer for it to redirect the vent air out of the room and into the adjacent room. This also protects ignition assembly of the furnace.

Clothes Dryer Vent Supplies – Recommendations

Here are some of the most common clothes dryer vent supplies readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Four inch Dryer Vent Wide Mouth

Price: $ 8.59


Details: this well louvered vent hood does have a removable guard which does help in protecting the dryer vent. The louvered hood does not only keep rodents and birds from nesting in the dryer vent but also ensure that the dryer is safe and sound. The louvered vent is also easy to fix and clean as well. The vent does easily snap on and is also weather resistant and is thus not prone to rust or rot.

2) Product Name: Flex Dryer Vent Kit 4 inches by 5 Inches

Price: $ 8.86


Details: it can easily be used to vent a homeowners electric clothes dryer indoors during instances when outdoor venting is not possible. This kit does include a dryer transition duct, two adjustable clamps and plastic lint reservoir. The kit is ideal for use in RVs, manufactured homes as well as in apartments. It is easy to install and relatively easy to maintain. The kit does also come in a wide variety of colors.

3) Product Name: J Block Dryer Vent Hood White

Price: $ 7.64


Details: a plastic vent hood faceplate that’s fitted with one piece flapper for bathroom venting and clothes dryer. It does fit four inch aluminum pipes which are very easy to fix and thus use, the weighted and beveled design does ensure that the flapper is always kept closed even during windy conditions. It is also worth mentioning that the reversible trim ring does allow for the requisite adjustment of the distance between the back open ring and the faceplate of the hood from 0.5 inches to 1.15 inches. The hood is quite versatile and can therefore be used for various applications such as vinyl sidings.

4) Product Name: Heat Economizer Heat Vent

Price: $ 4.25


Details: this is one of most versatile accessory you will ever come across, it does humidify air during the winter period, effectively exhausts air out of doors during the summer and also converts a clothes dryer into an extra and highly effective extra source of heat. It does therefore save energy and also humidify during the dry months in the year. It does include a heat economizer body, two plastic clamps, a mounting bracket, handle and screw as well as a filter. This item is specifically designed for a four inch duct and should therefore be used for such for the best results.

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