How to Remove Snow and Ice

How to Remove Snow and Ice Easily From The Home

As beautiful as the cold season appears on camera, it comes with its fair share of challenges. Especially for homeowners, clearing ice or snow on driveways is one of those challenges (and a winter time maintenance chore). More often than not, it requires a lot of effort and attention. For starters, you have to do it in a way that doesn’t lead to refreezing of the ice or the snow. In addition, the process requires that you be extremely careful to avoid falling injuring yourself in the process. This means using the right approach and the right gear. Most importantly, you have to have the right snow removal equipment, implements, and substances to make the task easier. When removing snow and ice, safety, speed, and convenience are your most important priorities. Here are some tell-tale tricks and hacks you may find helpful on how to remove snow and ice from your home.

Four Home Snow And Ice Removal Tips

1. Clear snow or ice in the morning

It is important to start clearing snow or ice very early in the morning. Removing fresh and unpacked snow is very easy. This ensures that the snow or ice is not packed together as people walk on it and drive through it. In case sunshine comes out during the day it will be easier for the ice to melt. This is because you will have removed the top layer in the morning. Even in those days when it’s snowing heavily, you’ll have an easier time getting rid of the whites periodically.

2. Avoid using water – use salt or sand

The problem with using water is that the snow or ice will only refreeze and most likely, form black ice. And you don’t want this as black ice could lead to fatal accidents. Instead of water, try using either salt or sand to loosen the ice. You do not have to use too much salt for it to work. A teaspoon full can be used in an area covering a square meter. Apart from slat, you can use sand or even ash. Apart from speeding up the process, sand and salt have another major advantage. They provide a good grip on your feet and reduce your risk of tripping and falling.

3. Use the right snow removal equipment

There are many different types of snow removal tools on the market. Some of these include snow shovels, snow blowers, axes, and much more. When choosing a snow removal tool, choose one that is designed for the particular circumstances you’re dealing with. For instance, there are different types of snow blowers in terms of strength and capacity. Some are designed for light snow, others for wet snow and ice, and others for heavy snow and ice. Common options include the single-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage snow blowers in order of their strengths and capacities.

Snow shovels also come in a variety of configurations and materials. If you have to use a shovel, choose one that is safe, convenient and gentle on your driveway. The type of shovel you choose will also determine how much energy you have to put in. Whichever snow removal tool you choose, be sure to observe extreme caution on your safety. You also have to use an approach that doesn’t result in zero work. For instance, start from a center point and remove snow in a circular orientation. While at it, avoid putting ice on areas you’ve already cleared as it may refreeze. Put the ice on areas that have been covered and have not been packed together

4. The right gear

Of course, as we pointed out earlier, snow removal is not the easiest of tasks. Tripping and falling is a common phenomenon during snow removal. You can avoid accidents by wearing the proper protective snow removal gear and using the equipment right. Sometimes your usual snow gloves, jackets, pants, and boots will be all you need in addition to the equipment.

Removing ice or snow from driveways or even walking paths is essential as it ensures that possible accidents are prevented. In cases where you are not sure what to do, one can always subscribe to government services at a cost. There are also plenty of snow removal service companies you can contact for assistance. Although it comes at a cost, working with an expert will spare you the time, effort, and the risks involved.

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