How to Plan a Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony

How to Plan a Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony – A Guide

With the economic strains that have now become universal, it’s safe to say that backyard weddings (and receptions) have become so popular. One key point though, one would think that it’s the cost-effectiveness that has brought backyard weddings into the limelight. Well, not necessarily. It’s more because they are so memorable and in terms of elegance, you have all the cards on your chest. You’re even better if you have creative friends to help you with the ideas. And on top of that, you can easily customize the event to your preferences. Before learning how to plan a small backyard wedding ceremony, what are some of the benefits of going this route?

• Zero charges on the venue
• You are in control of the available space
• You are free to play with the dates
• There are limited set rules
• You can be as fancy or casual as per your liking
• You get to with the local vendors for any supplies
• Your friends and family are involved

Now back to the main agenda on this article, here are some tips on how to plan a small backyard wedding ceremony.

How to Plan a Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony – 7 Tips

1) Get Organized and Make Preparations Early

For the eventful day to be a success, you need to prepare early enough. Hasty preparations will not only be bad for the wedding day, they’ll also stress you out towards the big day. Give yourself time and remember to involve those around you. Do your research, compare prices and go through your guest lists over and over. If you prefer a garden wedding, it’s important that you start early. You may require the advice from your local garden store; you may even be discounted for it.

2) Consider Renting Instead of Buying

It will be easier to rent most of the things for the wedding day than it will be to buy. The other thing is that you will probably have no use for most of the stuff after the ceremony. For instance, you are better off renting the chairs, tables, tents, and certain decorations.

3) Tent It

We would all want the weather to go our way but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Depending on the season, tents can come in handy to hide your reception from the elements. Go for tents that go well with your color theme. During the hot season, tents will protect your guests from the scorching heat of the sun.

4) Think about Catering

Will you be doing the food or will you hire a caterer? Of course, things can get out of hand if you consider if you don’t consider hiring professionals for certain tasks. Ask around and check with local catering services. Ensure that the caterer has all the required equipment and maybe sample their work before the wedding day. Most wedding planners look for a number of caterers and vet them before picking one.

Going through the guest list with your caterer can be a great idea. When doing so, ask questions such as:

  • How fresh are your ingredients?
  • Where do you source your food/ingredients?
  • Are there people vegetarians on the guest list? (They should probably have a vegetarian, vegan, and other diets depending on your guest list.)
  • Will you consider people with allergies?
  • How will you ensure the food stays hot and fresh even in a cold weather?

5) Hang Some Stringed Lights

Just don’t stick to the thought of holding a daylight event. You can have an event that extends to the night. The lights will really sparkle things up at night. There are so many backyard friendly lighting options that will brighten things up as your guests exchange those toasts. This will go well with post-dinner desserts.

6) Plan Some Wedding Games

You can plan some games for the kids as they tend to get bored easily. Hire an entertainer to keep them entertained and organized. Fun wedding games can as well work out great for the adults.

7) Don’t Forget About The Parking Situation For The Guests

People tend to forget about parking a lot when planning events. Well, it will depend on whether or not you have enough space in your yard for all the guests to park. If you’re going to use public space, be sure to clear with the authorities to avoid unnecessary embarrassments.

Finally, ensure that the wedding vows are exchanged under the best ceremony arch. You can have entwined with some lush green flowers.


That is how to plan a small backyard wedding ceremony. If you follow the above tips, a memorable experience will be the result.

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