How to Plan a Backyard Wedding Reception

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding Reception On A Budget

A backyard wedding reception is advantageous in that it may not require a huge budget for the venue space. In addition to that, you will have a cozy, comfy and homey kind of reception. It’s in the mind of every couple that the wedding day turns out superb. With your personal space, you can customize your wedding with your own ideas and themes. Plus you have endless options to do so. The best way to do this is to take advantage of your surroundings. Below are just but a few ideas on how to plan a backyard wedding reception.

How to Plan a Backyard Wedding Reception – 5 Tips

Think About Catering and Sitting Pattern

If you are only going to have the reception in your backyard, you have no reason to worry about extra space. However, your guest list should be the most important thing to focus on. Planning ensures that you have all these things figured out. With catering, for instance, you will want to weigh your options between organizing a buffet and going with plated dinner. Plan beforehand, on the decorations, furniture, and designs, among other things. One of the best ways to ensure things flow as smooth as possible is to get a professional caterer. You may also need to hire a designer for your outdoor decorations. You may also include a tent on your list just in case the weather changes. Consider working with event planners who will meet the constraints of your space and budget.

Early Yard Prepping

If you consider yourself well versed in matters landscaping, then you may as well start early. This is because your yard will be so much on display on this particular day. You may hire a professional landscaper to help in replanting or re-arranging some few things in your yard. Planting early ensures that the flowers will be in full bloom come the wedding day. Early prepping is the key secret to a successful wedding reception planning. If the wedding is due in spring, you better start getting busy in the fall.

Be Creative

You will also want to be creative when choosing your theme and decorations. Think about fancy outdoor lighting and perhaps a dance floor plus some disco lights for the after party. The more creative you are, the more cheerful your matrimonial event reception will be.

Get Party Permits

The last thing you would want on your wedding day is having cops crash your party. Well, not only weddings, most public gatherings require clearance from various authorities at least in most places. Be sure to seek clearance with the fire department and have your electrical inspected. It’s also important to comply with the local noise ordinances and plan early on the parking permits on your street.

Organize Some Tents

It’s always important to have a plan B. Not unless you’re a well established event planner; you most probably don’t own tents. In this case, rental tents will come in handy. It may not be of huge necessity but consider the fact that weather changes may occur on the wedding day. You don’t want to let your guests down or even let yourself down.

If you’re the event planner, you certainly know that the bride will probably have you swallowed if things go wrong. After all, it’s always good to prepare early. You may not necessarily have to deal with the rain, but it could be a hot sunny day as well. Some quality tents in your backyard will come in handy either way. They’ll protect your guests from the scorching heat of the sun and the raindrops in case it rains. Nonetheless, don’t forget to get tents that compliment your theme.

Seek Assistance

At this point, you’ve most probably figured that you cannot do it alone. You may want to seek assistance from someone who’s not accustomed to your home or the backyard of your choosing. This gives you a different perspective and adds variety to your idea options. Have people who will help you to cover the basics. For instance, you may want to consider having a backup power generator and an electrician in case something goes sideways with your power during the event. A cleanup crew can also come in handy for the end of the reception. Fail to get one and end up doing it all after the honeymoon.

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive. But they are pretty much the basics. There are tons of tips and how to plan a backyard wedding reception (and wedding ceremony) and make it charming to your guests.

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