How to Paint a Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger

How to Paint a Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger And Brighter

Sleeping in a small bedroom can feel uncomfortable and too confining.  However, artistically inclined people can change this. Strategic wall painting can be an awesome yet economical way to deal with space challenges. Precisely you can use paint to create the illusion that a smaller than the ideal room is bigger. And when it comes to comfort, it’s all about perception. Below you will find out how to paint a bedroom to make it look bigger and brighter.

Through painting the wall strategically, you can create an illusion of an extra space in the bedroom. Besides being creative, the looks will be inviting and compelling too. It will also be an amazing way to enhance interior décor, which is quite crucial. Here are a few pointers that you may find inspirational on how to paint a bedroom to make it look bigger.

How to Paint a Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger And Brighter – Four Pointers

1. Use Bright Colors for the Walls & Ceilings

Brighter colors refract light more. They tend to attract more light. The higher refractive index of lighter colors has an enhancing effect on space. They make space look bigger in addition to being more attractive. Examples of such colors include, white, blue, and waver grey. While dark colors absorb a lot of light, bright colors reflect the light, making the room feel more open. The use of bright colored paint alone may not be enough to make your bedroom appear bigger. You’ll want to use the bright colors strategically.

The trims and the walls will, however, be better off in different shades. Painting the walls with more brilliant colors than the trims will make the walls appear further back. A bright color on the ceiling will make the wall appear raised. This can definitely make the bedroom look larger than it actually is. The key phrase here is to use bright colors and use them strategically.

2. Stripe the Wall Out

A strip of two colors, preferably black and white, can create an optical illusion of an enlarged space. The strips can be horizontal, creating an instant illusion of depth. This can also be used for psychological reasons apart from making the bedroom appear larger. However, there are other reasons that discourage the use of stripped paints in the bedroom walls.

3. Create an Accent Wall

Creating accent walls by using a stronger color on one wall can also be a viable option. Accent walls have been proven to give out an illusion definition and dimensions of space. The bedroom tends to appear larger than it usually is. You won’t feel confined by the walls so much also. When creating accents, you can use a stylish paint, blending the texture and the tone. For instance, you can use different vibrant and bright colors to create an epic showcase wall.

4. Blend Your Paint Color with Bedroom Furniture

Even though not always, blending furniture with the colors on the wall can be costly in a way. Choosing bedroom paint colors that match the furniture can also be a tricky affair. This is especially the case since bedrooms tend to have fewer types of furniture. This way, the color options are quite limited to the common furniture colors.

Additionally, it can also be a contradicting process. Since brighter colors make the room larger, what if your furniture is dark? Of course, you’ll need to think about that carefully. You don’t want to be forced to get rid of your current bedroom furniture just to create such a blend. In cases where the bedroom furniture is bright, then using different shades of color can be strategic.

Confinement by square footage is not an option when you can use people who are artistically inclined. Painting the bedroom is a task that you can DIY or even seek a friend’s assistance. This even makes it a cheaper way to create an extra illusioned space in the bedroom. You do not necessarily need to have a physically big bedroom to be comfortable. You can revolutionize the basic perception by following the above tips on how to paint a room to make it look bigger.

Nonetheless, be sure to go for the right paint in terms of quality and brand reputation. Some paints are just bogus and will peel off within only a short time after application. There are also fast-drying (NC-based) and slow drying options, each of which requires a certain skill level to apply. Also, remember to check that you have the right painting tools and equipment such as brushes, rollers, and sanding papers. Better yet, get a professional painting expert to do your bedroom and avoid the probable disappointments associated with DIY.

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