How To Have A Safe Online Dating Site Experience

How To Have A Safe Online Dating Site Experience & Not Get Catfished……

Online dating is a system that allows for strangers from all walks of life to meet new persons over the internet from the comfort of one’s home in the front of one’s computer. The idea is to find a perfect match for romantic, sexual or personal relationships. Over the years, online dating is getting really popular, and to some extent, the idea is slowly being embraced in society. This adds up perfectly given our new technology addiction and our increasingly busy schedules that keep us from customary socialization. Statistics have proved beyond doubt that online dating is not only popular among the youth but the elderly as well. Most people are now shifting to online dating due to the ability to meet so many people at a very short time, scrutinize them before actually meeting them and the ability to do background checks on their social media if need be. The following details how to have a safe online dating site experience.

Online dating is not a safe haven as it may appear, there so many cons, serial killers, bullies, cult members who are hunting for naïve and gullible people behind their computers that’s why one needs to be careful (to not get catfished) when they interact with strangers just like in real life.

So how can you be safe and secure as you look for your slice of heaven?

How To Have A Safe Online Dating Site Experience – 7 Tips

Know who you’re talking to

Whether it’s a dating site or an app, strive to know the person you’re talking to. Go through their bio, pictures, and videos; this will give you a clue of the type of character you’re engaging with. People tend to use outdated or unclear photos to mask their identity. Always strive to be a step ahead in matters identity.

Ask questions

The whole online dating idea is to get to know each other despite the distance barrier, so ask as many questions as possible provided they are not too annoying. This will not only keep the conversation going but will allow you to know your date better. Ask same questions in different ways to find loopholes and inconsistencies in their stories; this will help you judge honesty levels of the other person and help you arrive at an informed decision in the future.

Keep off social media

Try as much as possible to refrain from sharing your user identification to strangers. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This websites more often than not have your personal information that you might want to save for after a first date. With technology, it just takes a few minutes to peruse through one’s social media and get enough information about someone or something. If possible, put your social media platforms private before signing up to any website.

Stay Anonymous

Don’t let out too much information that may expose you. Never share contact, street address, account details or all your names. If your date is genuine, they will understand your security concerns, and they probably have their concerns too. As for the photo, one should use one specific dating photo. With reverse image search, daters can use your photo to find you in other online platforms. One photo should be enough identification.

Opt for a neutral meeting spot

This applies to first dates mostly. Insist on a public meeting point for securities sake. Be keen on details, body language, phone call conversations and technically how your date carries themselves. People know how to mask their real character, but if you’re keen enough, you shall get hints on the type of a person you’re dealing with. Morning and brunch dates are also advised as opposed to the tradition dinners and night movies for obvious reasons. Opt for early hours when the sun is still offering its given duties.

Tell a friend or two

Always inform a trusted party when going for a blind date. Specify details of where when and with who. If possible, send a picture of your date prior to the date in case of anything. In the event that plans change, remember to always keep your friend or family updated. Better yet, you can ask them to drop you off or pick you once the date is over. This is a safe bet, especially for ladies.

Know your timings

Have you been waiting upon lady luck to smile at you to no avail? Have you thought that maybe it’s your timings? Seasons such as Valentines, Christmas holidays and summer holidays are the best times to find a match. Most people are free and want to spend vacations with family and friends, people also tend to have money to spend, and an ideal date would be the perfect idea for most singles.

Online dating is a very exciting experience especially for the young who literally spend so many hours browsing online. Safety concerns are however a key issue to consider when taking the exciting road and they should not deter you from having maximum fun. With the tips highlighted in this article, protecting yourself from online evils should be a piece of cake. Always remember to treat online daters as strangers until you have known them on personal terms. Online dating gives you an opportunity to choose from so many options until it fits your match perfectly!

Good luck and have fun!

How To Have A Safe Online Dating Site Experience – FAQs

Q: What dating sites are completely free?

A: Coffee Meets Bagel – This shockingly free application adopts a novel strategy to web based dating by taking odds and ends from a portion of the best internet dating locales and joining them all under one umbrella. OKCupid has turned into a dating website singles run to for their first web based dating trial run, and one they come back to all through their whole web based dating journey. The web page includes a simple user-friendly and easy to explore interface, wise however not disagreeably long profiles. It also contains a modest bunch of questions you can reply to enable the website to coordinate you better, and even link you up with your best match partner.

Q: Which dating sites do background checks?

A:, Sparks Networks and eHarmony scan the histories of feasible clients. This is essential as it identifies cases of identity theft, violence and even sexual assault earlier than permitting them total access to their charge-based sites.

Q: Which dating site is most successful?

A: Badoo is a long range interpersonal communication web page concentrated on dating and positions 281 according to Alexa positioning among the most well-known sites on the planet. It keeps running on a “freemium” design and has helpful elements like “Individuals Adjacent” and “Experiences.” The site has more than 6 million month to month guests.

Q: Which celebrities have used online dating?

A: Martha Stewart reported to have given a shot in 2013 when the “Today” demonstrate helped her with setting up a profile. The local goddess — who separated spouse Andrew Stewart in 1987 — went on several dates with two different men from the site. “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen revealed to Individuals that he was on Tinder in 2015. Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz said he was on Tinder while in an interview on HuffPost Live in 2014. However, was puzzled by the possibility that anybody had even run on his record to start with. “True Blood” performing artist Deborah Ann Woll met her sweetheart, E.J. Scott, on

Q: Are dating sites secure?

A: Web dating sites contain an assortment of individuals, and some of those people are predators searching for clueless casualties. Cautioning indications of a mentally disturbed individual might be somebody you sign into rapidly; they may compose indiscernible or undermining messages to you or others, or they may admit to a brutal past. Kids may go into chat rooms to converse with individuals their age. Tyke sex guilty parties effectively search for young ladies and young men on long range interpersonal communication locales and chat rooms. With kids’ dependable natures and the secrecy of the Web, sex guilty parties regularly attempt to misuse them by getting to these locales. Hitched people and those submitted in long haul connections frequently peruse dating sites searching for chances to start issues. It is basic to know about the well being dangers included. Meeting individuals online is hazardous to your emotional well-being, as well as it’s similarly as unsafe for your physical well being since some sexually transmitted ailments are serious or even destructive.

Q: When responding to an ad, what’s a good first message?

A: Entertaining internet dating messages get reactions since ladies normally find folks with a comical inclination attractive. Travel makes a marvelous subject for a first message since it’s something most ladies appreciate doing, or if nothing else appreciate envisioning about. Complimenting her will regularly give you focuses, yet just on the off chance that you concentrate on impalpable qualities like knowledge or her achievements. Try not to commit the freshman error of applauding her physical appearance. Huge amounts of folks do it, and she gets huge amounts of messages with some variety of “you’re hot.” Paying her a more important compliment is a much-needed refresher for her.

Q: How do dating sites make money?

A: With respect to dating applications, the most widely recognized adaptation methodologies depend on designs and different packs (symbols, stickers, regular offers, and so forth.). Tinder gives such paid elements as opening ‘boundless preferring abilities’ and ‘confinements on rewinding and right-swiping.’ For new clients, the are given just seven free endeavors for one night; in the event that they require more, they need to pay. With respect to OkCupid, its paid elements incorporate record change, data about who “preferred” whom, extra hunt channels, intangibility mode, and some more.

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