How to Garden Around a Tree Stump

How to Garden Around a Tree Stump: 5 Tips

If you happen to have a tree stump in your garden, you’re probably wondering what to do with it. More often than not, higher chances are you feel it’s eating up your space. And as you may already know, getting rid of a tree stump is not always an easy task. You may have to get heavy machinery to get rid of it. The energy and the resources you may use to get rid of the stump is most like more than imagined. And if this is directed towards other purposes, it could be worth the while.

Nonetheless, there are also countless other ways you can handle the matter rather than getting rid of the stump. One of these is that you can simply garden around it. But how exactly do you do this without being bothered by the remains of a tree? Here are some pointers you may want to read on how to garden around a tree stump. These can also help you improve the scenic view of the garden.

How to Garden Around a Tree Stump – 5 Pointers

1. Create a Planter Out Of the Tree Stump

The center part of the tree stump is soft and can be hollowed easily using a sharp object. To make a planter, you’ll need to chisel in about 6-8 inches deep and with a diameter of maybe 5 -7 inches. This will, of course, depend on the whole circumference of the stump. Drill some holes to make sure that the water drains easily. Once this is done, you can follow the normal drill of planting in a pot. However, it’s important that you carefully select plants that will go into the stump planter. Go for plants with shallow roots. Ferns and other wildflowers can be a good example of plants that will do well in a tree stump planter.

2. Make a Flower Pot Stand

Tree stumps can also make great flower pot stands. You can take it as a good example of a custom stand. If the stump happens to be about 2-ft or more, it can make a great hanger for your flower pots. All you’ll need to do is drive in some long nails on the stump. In the arrangement, you may want to hang the flower pots. You can also paint over the stamp to just give it some color and an aesthetically appealing detail.

3. Make Garden Furniture Out Of the Stump

Depending on the height of the stump, you can make excellent stools and chairs out of it. You can also lay a glass countertop to create some sort of dining table. This, in general, will transform the look of your garden. Such a setup will also increase your garden’s aesthetic value.

4. Bird Birth/Feeding Trough

If you happen to be a bird lover, why not use the tree stump for a bird feeding trough or birth? You’ll notice birds flocking the stump during the day and you can take as many pictures as you possibly can. Having birds frequent your garden is also a way to rid the garden of bad insects that harm your plants. Birds are also great pollinators, so feeding them from the stump can add benefit to your garden. And in case you like the idea but don’t have a tree stump in your garden, thou shalt not worry! As a matter of fact, commercial tree trump bird feeders do exist. Below is an example:

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5. Grow Plants around the Circumference

You can also plant shallow rooted creeping plants and runners around the tree stump. This will over time transform the appearance of the stump and that of your garden altogether. In addition to this, you can paint the game of chess on the stamp to just entice the kids to play around the stump.

All the above are just but some ways in which you can make use of the stump in your garden. So don’t get rid of it just yet, make the most use out of it. And if it bothers you too much, removing it is still a viable option. There are plenty of tree stump removal services online. With some research, you can get the best one remove the nuisance for you for only a couple of bucks. Nonetheless, be warned. Be warned that tree stump removal can be quite depending on its size and where it is in your garden.

Garden trellises and leaf mulchers can also be utilized in caring for your garden.

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