How To Clean Carpets Without A Carpet Cleaner

How To Clean Carpets Without A Carpet Cleaner Safely

Carpets are a common feature in most homes these days and they definitely add to the aesthetic value of homes as they come in beautiful designs and bright colors which help to improve the ambience within the home. But one thing which is common to all carpets is the fact that they are quite difficult to maintain and in our attempts to keep them clean, we tend to make use of harmful chemicals and cleaners which can affect the residents of the home. By making use of the below mentioned tips and suggestions, you can ensure that your carpets stay clean the natural way and you need not worry about wracking your brain on how to clean carpets without a carpet cleaner.

How To Clean Carpets Without A Carpet Cleaner – 6 Steps

1. Avoid shoes while walking on carpets

The shoes that we wear when we go outside get exposed various kinds of germs and bacteria while we walk on the roads. If we use the same shoes to walk on the carpets in our home as well, the germs and bacteria can easily get transferred to the carpets. Plus any dirt or stains on the shoe soles can also stain the carpet and make it look unpleasant. So avoid using shoes or any kind of footwear while walking on the carpets.

2. Vacuum your carpets regularly

One of the best and effective ways to keep you carpets clean naturally is to vacuum them regularly whenever you get the time to do so. The ideal suggestion would be to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week so that they remain free from dust mites, germs and bacteria which can affect the health of your family, especially the kids. While vacuuming, use a vacuum cleaner which has a powerful suction force and a good filter so that the dirt is not released back into the surroundings.

3. Clean the stains as an when you spot them

It is important that you clean the stains in your carpet as soon as you spot them. The longer you delay in cleaning the stains, the tougher it will be for you to remove them at a later stage. So never leave the stains on your carpet to settle down. In case the stain settles down and you are having difficulty in removing it, you can make a homemade cleaning solution by mixing a cup of warm water together with a small amount of fabric detergent or dishwashing liquid. Apply this mixture over the area covered by the stain and let it soak for a few seconds. After that, use a clean white towel to bolt the stain and lift it off the surface.

4. Keep your carpet odorless

A carpet which exudes a nasty odor is not going to do your home any good and it can put off the guests who visit your home. To keep you carpets odorless and smelling fresh, you can use baking soda. Before vacuuming the carpet, just sprinkle some baking soda over it and then let it stand for 15 to 20 minds. Posts that, you can vacuum your carpet and feel the odor vanish instantly.

5. Steam clean carpets

Steam is highly effective in eliminating dust mites and any allergens which are invisible to the naked eye. So it is recommended that you steam clean your carpets. Since you will be using only water and nothing else, there will be no chemicals involved in the process. But whenever you steam clean your carpet, just keep in mind that you need to let them dry quickly so that mold does not set in. To dry your carpets quickly after a steam clean, you can turn on the fans or dry them in the sunlight for a couple of minutes.

6. Get in touch with the carpet manufacturer

Nobody knows your carpet better than those who were responsible for manufacturing it. So, get in touch with the manufacturer of your carpet and find out about the possibility of cleaning it without using any toxic cleaners.

The tips and methods described above are applicable to all kinds of carpets and they are used in millions of households on a daily basis. If you have yet to try them, go ahead and give it shot and keep your carpets clean and fragrant.

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