Home EV Charging Stations

Home EV Charging Stations: Give Your Vehicle A Full Charge Before Hitting The Road

EV is basically short form for Electric Vehicle, most of which run on an electric rechargeable battery for power instead of gas or diesel. This implement is actually located onboard the EV and basically, converts AC current from a plug socket to DC in order to have your vehicle’s battery charged. While the device that actually charges the vehicle’s battery is located inside the vehicle’s guts, the wall-mounted extension and plug are known as an EV charging station or service equipment. In other words, it is simply a device that allows you to connect your electric car to an AC power source. Sometimes they are also annotated as EVSE’s. Here are some of the important considerations to make when shopping for home EV charging stations for home use.

Home EV Charging Stations – 5 Considerations

Capacity of Amperage

One of the most important things to consider is before picking an EV charging station for your mobile home is the amperage capacity. This is because the charging station service performance in terms of amperage capacity is often an important determinant of mileage per hour. Most experts recommended choosing a 30-amp station as this can provide an approximate range of 30 miles per hour of charging. A good amperage capacity eliminates for you the need to upgrade the device a few years down the line, even if you change your vehicle. All you need with a 30-amp charger is to acquire a circuit breaker with at least 40 amps for best performance.

Cord Length vs. Charging Port

The other important factor to consider before buying this important EV home gadget is the length of the cord or cable required with respect to the positioning of your wall socket or charging location. You will, of course, have to position your device at a place where you can easily access your vehicle’s charging port without much obstruction or inconvenience. You should also think about it in terms of where you will be parking your car during parking, whether the device will be placed in your garage or inside your home. Some of the most EV charging stations range between 15 and 25 feet in cord length. However, you can easily arrange a suitable location to place the charger with your electrician.


Portability also matters a great deal; especially in such a case where you need to change the position of your EVSE charging or you want to carry the device with you when going for as trip. Most EV owners avoid installing the EVSE permanently and instead use an NEMA 14-50 outlet or such a device extension that allows them to just plug in or unplug the unit when needed. As a matter of fact, purchasing an outlet costs approximately the same as permanently hard-wiring the device on the wall, only that it is more convenient.

Other Functions and Features

Some sophisticated home EV charging stations are also available with a wide variety of features such as smart displays, automatic timers, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, and such other functionalities. While the fancier features tend to improve convenience, sometimes the durability of such units is questionable to some level. In most cases, such models will also cost higher than the conventional types. However, a smart EVSE can be suitable if you do not use it heavily too often, preferably one for personal use.

EV Charging Station Cost

Last but not least, the factor of cost cannot be ignored. Different types of EV charger units will cost differently depending on factors such as brand, model, amperage, performance rating, item size, portability, cord length, and such. The costs of installation should also be factored in. it is more recommendable to invest in a quality charging station for your home that is well-reputed for durability and dependable performance, rather than buying a cheap unit that will not serve you long enough to enjoy the value. Some of the best units cost between $400 and $600, even though there are cheaper and more expensive models that will serve you just fine. You will need to do some research to compare prices of models between various vendors. Below are a few models you can have a look into.

Home EV Charging Stations – Recommendations

1: Level-2 DuraStation Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount EV Charger (18 ft. Cord)

• Buy From: Home Depot
• Price: $397.00 /each
• Link: https://is.gd/qyIWZM

2: Bosch Power Max EL-51253 30-Amp EV Charging Station (18′ Cord)

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $562.79
• Link: https://is.gd/UdPABY

3: TurboCord Dual 240V/120V EV Charger

• Buy From: evsolutions.com
• Price: $599.00
• Link: https://is.gd/WjTV1h

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