Hang Christmas Lights Outside without Nails

Hang Christmas Lights Outside without Nails – A DIY Guide

As the holiday draws closer and closer, most are preparing to shop for gifts. Not to be left out on the list, Christmas decorations, which some people find hectic to prepare for. It’s the only time of the year where we get to see extravagant decorations and displays. Talk of the Christmas tree (options for cat owners), balloons, gifts, and stuff, hanging Christmas lights id the best way to celebrate the season. Well, it is not unusual for some people to take the Christmas decorations a little bit too far. But still, a select few who just want to stick a few twinkle strands in and out of the house. How do you get to hang those lights without messing things around? Objects like nails and screws will leave holes on your walls, which would require to be filled. Below are some ideas on how to hang Christmas lights outside without nails.

Hang Christmas Lights Outside without Nails – 5 Options

1. Clips

There are so many types of clips. However, not all of them may be ideal to use when hanging your Christmas lights. To pick the best option, you’ll want to consider where you’re specifically hanging the lights. Additionally, some are ideal for temporary use, whereas some can be permanent. Below are some best clips for hanging your Christmas lights.

All-in-One clips

These are ideal to use on the shingles and the gutters.

All-in-One Plus clips

These clips have a similarity with the all in one clip. They can be hung on the gutters and between the shingles. The best thing about these Plus clips is that they have the ability to hold two strings of lights simultaneously.

Omni All in One clips

These clips have a hook on one end and a bulb holder at the other end.

Gutter Hook clips

These are commercial grade clips that are UV protected built for permanent installation.

2. Gutter Hooks

This type of hooks can comfortably and securely be attached to all types of drain systems. They allow you to attach your Christmas lights without having to drill holes or use nails on your walls. These hooks are made of plastic and they slide on the gutters with ease using a plastic clip. The clip helps to secure the hook on the gutters. There’s also the type of gutter hook that uses an adhesive strip.

3. Siding Tab & Shingle hangers

These are quite common, especially for the roof and siding Christmas decorations. More often than not, outdoor walls have sections or portions of vinyl siding or wooden shingles. For the best results, look for hangers that slide between the sliding slots at the nearby hardware store. These hangers have a hook attached at the end and can be used to hang your Christmas lights.

4. Magnetic Hooks

These industrial hooks have a magnet attached at one end. In most cases, residential roof drainage systems are made of either steel, aluminum, or copper. These are all materials that favor magnetic hanging hooks. The magnetic portion of the hook attaches onto the gutters, offering a temporary, yet convenient way to hang Christmas lights. Additionally, you may as well use these magnetic hooks on anything metallic.

5. Hooks with Suction Cups

These hooks can be ideal for hanging x-mas lights on the portion of the window that doesn’t open. At the local hardware stores, they are available in two main options, including plastic and metal. For added strength, you may want to go for heavy-duty hooks with suction cups. These resemble the ones used to hang andies and towels in showers or bathrooms. They are quite awesome for hanging Christmas lights outside too.

With the above options, you have ideas on how to make your next festive season more colorful and welcoming. Nonetheless, Christmas lights are powered by electricity. For this reason, it is important to prepare in advance. For instance, you’ll want to make sure the sockets and outlets you use are rated for outdoor use. This will minimize the risk of electrocution, faults, and other possible electric dismays. Before you even think about these hanging hacks, don’t forget to get creative when choosing your Christmas lights.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside without Nails – Recommendations

1: Adams Mfg Corp Plastic Gutter-Shingle Clips

• Buy From: Lowe’s
• Price: $5.98
• Link: https://is.gd/VnvX6R

2: 40-Pack Gutter Hook Christmas Lights Clips

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