Hairline Ceiling Crack Repair Tips

Hairline Ceiling Crack Repair Tips: DIY Approach

Hairline ceiling cracks are usually common in homes. In most occasions, hairline cracks are cosmetic in nature and can be repaired swiftly and easily. It’s also significant to examine the cause of the hairline crack, its shape, exact location, the size before fixing it. In some cases, it could be an indication of a more complex problem that requires a more intensive home remodeling effort. Some of the most common causes of hairline cracks include poorly and weakly taped joints and moisture above the ceiling. Extreme drywall application and trusses uplift could also cause hairline cracks. In cases of humidity, it’s always better to examine what could have caused the moisture to accumulate above the ceiling. The below hairline ceiling crack repair tips provide quick guidance on what to do.

Four Hairline Ceiling Crack Repair Tips

1. Start by Examining the Hairline Crack

First off, it is essential that the cause of the ceiling hairline crack be determined. This will aid in getting the required material in repairing the hairline crack and preventing such problems in future.

2. Cleaning and Taping

In cases where the crack is cosmetic, consider cleaning the crack and remove the old points and drywall. Cleaning also ensures that the discolored part is refined before repair. After cleaning, the repairer should mesh tape along the line of the crack. The tape should also be placed carefully and run along the center of the crack.

3. Spreading the Compound

Using a utility or a putty knife; carefully spread the compound over the tape. Make sure that it covers the entire tape and that it appears flat. This avoids bumpiness on completion of the process. It’s advisable to cover the tape with plenty of compounds, rather than just applying a thin layer on the tape. Once done, you can refine the compound to a reasonable side using sandpaper.

4. Painting


Painting is the other important step in hairline ceiling crack repair. Before painting, it is significant to make sure that the crack in the ceiling is completely covered. Also, ensure that the edges are fine. When making the edges fine, a putty knife can be resourceful. However, be sure to not to tamper with the tape. This process requires a lot of caution since more often than not, there’s a lot of dust to deal with.

Using an eye protector can come in hand during this final part of the process. Also, it would be proper to cover the furniture in your house. You don’t want to go back shopping for your precious furniture. Depending on what the type of furniture you own is made from, getting rid of paint can be a nightmare.

Addl Painting Tips

Always remember, the painting process comes in only when the edges have been refined. Also, be sure to select a paint that is similar to the one previously applied to the entire ceiling board. In case you’re applying two paint coats, which are preferable, you’ll want to allow the first coat to dry completely. Afterward, you can use a fine tooth sanding paper to prepare the surface before dusting and applying the second coat.

Paint Types

Also worth noting, there are many different types of paint depending on color, application method, and time taken before drying. Some such as nitrocellulose paints (NC) takes just a few seconds to dry up. Others may as well take 2 to a few days (slow dry) before drying enough to allow the second coat. You can also mix up paints of the same density and strength to get your desired color and finish. Thinned paints tend to dry faster. Some of the most common thing paint thinners include the following:

• Turpentine,
• White spirit
• Acetone
• Methyl ethyl ketone
• Toluene
• Ethylbenzene

If you’re using a fast-drying paint, go for a nitrocellulose universal thinner, preferably the same brand as the paint.

In Closing…

Hairline ceiling cracks are not as complicated as wall cracks, which are more often than not hazardous and structural. Discolored hairline cracks require more examination of the causes of leaks. When repairing the cracks also, it’s crucial to avoid compounds that may lead to stress on your ceiling. More stress could lead to cracking, even after the repair. Nonetheless, the wisest way to go about it is to hire an experienced contractor for the job. Much as saving a buck is important to anyone; no one appreciates fixing the same thing after every few months.

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