Good Paying Work From Home Jobs

Some Good Paying Work From Home Jobs You Can Do From Your Residence

The term ‘mobile’, in mobile homes, suggest that you can easily relocate to a new location or mobile home community whenever you feel like you need some change of environment. Mobile homes provide some level of convenience and flexibility similar to campers and travel trailers, even though in the former, wheels require being removed and the manufactured home to be laid upon a foundation. Especially when leading this kind of ‘flexible’ lifestyle, you may have some interest in good paying work from home jobs.

Well, there are dozens, if not hundreds of work-from-home jobs out there but the fact still remains that some of them will pay you better than others. Some of the best jobs to work from home revolve around mobile, IT, and internet technology, all which seem to be intertwined to some extent. More so, some of the best paying jobs involve telecommuting, either part-time or full-time. According to expert sources such as, most of these jobs are more suitably done by persons from departments such as IT, who can work successfully with minimal interaction or supervision. They are also more suitable for persons most of whose work involved statistical data implementation, business analysts, recruitment personnel, and other individuals most of whose work is done or delivered through phone or email.

Four Good Paying Work From Home Jobs

As mentioned above, most of the available good paying work from home jobs are based on Telecommuting. In its description, telecommuting is actually a word describing the aspect of working from home using technologies such as a computer, the Internet, e-mail, and telephone to undertake most of your tasks as an employee. Here are some of the best telecommuting jobs and carriers alongside their salary information.

1. Actuary

Actuaries are business personnel or professionals who measure and manage risk and uncertainty in the business environment. To become an actuary, one has to have some basic education along with a college degree in actuarial science. As an actuary, you will mostly be expected to analyze loads of statistical data for the purpose of risk measurement and management. Due to the fact that actuaries mostly deal with data analysis, an arrangement can be made for the professional to work from home based, of course on mutual trust.

• Median Annual Salary for a Telecommuting Actuary: $81,482
• Source:
• Website:

2. PR Manager

In most cases, PR management requires loads of time working on the phone, social media platforms, the internet, and communication with the mainstream media. A public relations manager is mostly tasked with the responsibility of creating, managing, and maintaining a good public image for their clients or employers, who may be individuals, businesses or corporations. A PR manager can, therefore, work comfortably from home and even earn a 5 to 6 digit salary.

• Median Annual Salary for a Telecommuting PR Manager: $60,748
• Source:
• Website:

3. Software Developer

Having a job or career as a software developer is another huge privilege in that software development professionals not only get to enjoy a good pay, the job is also highly suitable to work from home. This is, principally because there is too much tech involve and also the fact that the professional rarely has to meet with the software’s end-user. As a matter of fact, a good number of software developers work as independent contractors or freelancers, dealing with huge companies and individuals as their clients.

• Median Annual Salary for a Telecommuting Software Developer: $68,947
• Source:
• Website:

4. Market Research Manager

Last but not least, a job as a market research manager is one of the best paying work from home jobs you can get out there. Market managers basically conduct research about the worth of a company’s products in the market and help the company in coming up with ways to win the loyalty and trust of the target customers. In other words, they help improve the company’s competitiveness in the market by devising ways to make its customers or clients happier in comparison to the competitor businesses.

Due to the huge amount of research and communication involved, market research managers, end up spending most of their time on the phone, social media, and other internet platforms. As a research marketing manager, you can occasionally get work-from-home assignments or land a full-time position working from home depending on the company you sign up with.

• Median Annual Salary for a Telecommuting Market Research Manager: $76,687
• Source:
• Website:

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