Good Kitchen Cabinet Cleaners

Good Kitchen Cabinet Cleaners: DIY Or Store Bought?

The kitchen is one of the rooms where the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation should be adhered to. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and so they say. But sadly, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms have one thing in common. They tend to be attracted to moist and fairly warm environments where what they can call food is present.

And if you guessed right, the kitchen happens to be an area where they can thrive well. But they won’t stand a chance if you observe proper hygiene and sanitation. And then there are roaches, and other pests such as rats and mice. They’re all attracted to such environments too. More interestingly, kitchen cabinets tend to be a huge victim of infestation by bugs, pests, and microorganisms. This is probably because most of the food and items including utensils are kept in or on the kitchen there.

Spillage, leakage, smears, pours, and staining can be the order of the day if proper kitchen cabinets hygiene isn’t observed. Dust and moisture can easily accumulate, creating a safe haven for the unwanted guests. Trust me; you don’t want to deal with cockroach or mice infestation. You don’t want to suffer from respiratory and other infections resulting from mold and bacterial growth in your cabinets. This brings us to the importance of cabinet cleaners. Assuming the name speaks for itself, here are some things you should know about good kitchen cabinet cleaners.

Good Kitchen Cabinet Cleaners – The Available Types

To start off, there are two types of cabinet cleaners. Homemade cleaners and the commercial kitchen cabinet cleaners. Homemade cleaners are easy to make. They are also safer, cheaper, and, naturally made, making the best option to go for. Below are a few examples of cleaners you can make at home that can be good kitchen cabinet cleaners.

1. All-Purpose Cleaners


• Baking soda – 4 tablespoons
• Warm water – 1 quart

These work well in cleaning cabinets, especially metallic and stainless steel cabinets. They’re also useful for cleaning kitchen counters as well as the fridge. You’ll only need to mix the two ingredients and use a sponge to clean. After cleaning, use a clean wipe for an extra shine.

2. Rosemary All-Purpose Cleaner


• White vinegar 1 part
• Water 1 part
• Lemon rind
• Rosemary springs

Mix the ingredients together and empty into a spray container. Mix well and let it stay for a week before cleaning. Use to a clean cloth when cleaning the cabinets and in all the areas of the house. Rosemary has a sweet scent that is especially good for the kitchen.

3. Glass Cleaner


• 2 cups of water
• Apple cider vinegar – half a cup
• A quarter cup rubbing alcohol
• 2 drops orange essential

This is especially for kitchen cabinet doors that are made of glass. It can also work with all the glass windows and mirrors in your house. Mix all these ingredients together and pour them into a spray container. Spray on the glass or window than on a clean towel or soft cloth. Because the solution dries fast, it’s important not to let it sit for long on the glass or window. It removes all the grime and stains from your glass kitchen cabinet doors.

4. Grease Cleaners


• Half a cup of sudsy ammonia
• A gallon of water

For all the grime on or in the kitchen cabinets or the grills, ammonia is an effective cleanser. To add to this, sudsy ammonia has a detergent property in it that works well on tough grime. Use a sponge to wipe the cabinets and then use a clean damp cloth to dry. Ensure that the cloth is not dripping wet especially when cleaning wooden cabinets.

When cleaning wooden cabinets, taking extra caution is advisable. Avoid spilling water on the wood or the board surfaces. Some types of wood and boards will absorb water and swell in wet conditions. Baking soda also works well especially on grime. Most of these products are in your pantries and will probably cost a fraction in the grocery stores. There are also plenty of cabinet cleaning products in the market, including disinfecting wipes, dusting cloths, disinfectant solutions and detergents.

Good Kitchen Cabinet Cleaners – Recommendations

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