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Good Affordable Drones: 6 Shopping Tips

Flying a drone is a good hobby to do in the summertime from your backyard. Compared to other tech gadgets, there are fewer options to choose from in the drone market. For this reason, it is easy to assume that choosing a good drone is easy. Well, there is more to it than just considering the brand and the pricing tag. As much as affordability counts, it’s important to pick a drone with features that suit the purpose. With this in mind, there are more than just a few good affordable drones waiting for you on the market. But what are some of the things that matter most when buying a drone? Well, here are 6 key qualities of good drones in addition to affordability.

Good Affordable Drones – 6 Key Qualities

1. It Suits Suit the Purpose

If you’re looking for a drone for commercial use, you’ll want to pick one that offers the features you’re after. As a professional aerial photographer, for instance, your best pick will be a quality drone with a strong camera. In this case, you’ll want a drone that is equipped with a high-resolution camera for the best experience capturing aerial images. On the other hand, if you’re after a drone for leisure use, sacrificing on footage quality won’t hurt much. As a matter of fact, there are good affordable drones that come without cameras.

2. An Admirable Battery Life

Just like pretty much any other vehicle, drones are battery-powered. Regardless of how affordable a drone is, it makes no sense if it can’t last 5 minutes of flight time. Some of the best drones provide at least 15 minutes of flight time or more. Even then, the best models allow you to insert spare batteries once the current ones run out of juice. Battery life is a huge factor to consider when choosing a drone for your personal or commercial use.

3. Easy and Quieter Operation

Especially if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to pick an aircraft that is easy to operate. It is also important to consider how quiet a drone is when airborne. A noisy drone can be a nuisance to neighbors and the people nearby during a flight. You don’t want to cause a disturbance in the areas you fly your drone. What if you want to use your drone to capture some nice photo shots in the game without disturbing the animals? Even though they cost more in general, some of the best drones include quiet operation features such as brushed motors. You can even buy a used quality drone with these features if you happen to be on a budget. Provided it is in good condition, this allows you to save while getting a quality product at the same time.

4. Built For the Elements

When airborne, drones can easily encounter some turbulent conditions such as strong winds, rains, and all that. Nothing is more intimidating that losing your expensive drone to the wind currents or the strong sudden rain. The best affordable drones are built to steadily maneuver at higher altitudes without being blown away by high winds. For instance, some come with integrated gimbals, attachments that keep the aircraft steady when airborne in such conditions. Cameras are also kept steady, allowing you to capture your exclusive shots and footage without much of a hiccup. Some models also come equipped with what is known as the obstacle avoidance feature. This protects the drone from crashing into a physical object such as a tree or utility post.

5. Easy To Track

It is also important to look for features that allow you to easily keep track of your UAV’s location. Some of these features may include the following:

Integrated GPS

Allows the operator to pinpoint the exact location of the drone during flight. The best models include a follow-me-mode.

Return home feature

Allows the UAV to return home in case it gets lost due to bad weather or obstacles.

6. A Nice Range

Some drones fly higher than others. Some can go a couple of miles without losing remote control connectivity. The best flight range for your drone will mainly depend on how you purpose to use it. Professional and commercial drones tend to have greater flight ranges but can be more expensive.

The bottom-line is that drone quality and performance differ from brand to brand and model to model. The same case applies to the price tags. However, there are still high-quality drones that perform better than their more expensive counterparts. This is mostly due to brand popularity and the manufacturer’s name. Nonetheless, good affordable drones are relatively dependent on your specific usage purpose and budget. Don’t forget about getting drone insurance, before taking flight for the first time.

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