Garden Trellises And Arbors

Garden Trellises And Arbors: Add Some Flair To Your Yard

Garden trellises and arbors have come a long way: they do come in so many variations currently, making it an uphill task for anyone who is keen on getting his garden looking neat. There are different trellis sizes as well as styles which are bound to fit your garden space. Even though trellises are designed for climbing plants, there are those that are meant to act as decorative structures.

It is worth mentioning that trellises and arbors have numerous uses, even though they are great for adding an eye catching effect in your garden, they are also good for screening purposes as well as for privacy reasons. The nice thing about a trellis is that if you realize that the privacy you sought is not sufficient enough, you can simply add a climbing plant and thus give it even a more natural feel and touch that you would otherwise not have.

Arbors are also very popular garden structures, this is because they are not only affordable but also give your garden an instant shot of drama in a flash. They also serve as a very attractive place to train climbing vines. They are also quite versatile and can be used as a shaded bench, a gate or even a swing if it is stable enough: the possibilities are quite unlimited. It is also very important to take into consideration the size of the trellis or arbor, this is especially so if you intend to use them for other purposes other than for decorative purposes.

The most common material used to build arbors and trellises is the red cedar even though other materials such as Vinyl, Steel, PVC, Copper and iron are commonly used. Here are some examples of garden trellises and arbors readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Fairfield Grand Arbor with Trim Kits

Product Price: $ 829.99

Product URL:

Product Details: has an extra wide flat top pergola style that’s very stylish and versatile. The adjustable opening does make the design a perfect choice. This is made with premium weather resistant vinyl and is therefore maintenance free. Vinyl does offer users the highly sought classic look of wood without the normal headache associated with wood. With this arbor, you don’t need to paint or stain it: the arbor is also sold with a twenty year warranty against rotting, cracking, warping and yellowing. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to cultivate some plants on the arbor without having to worry about instances of rotting. It is weather resistant so as to prevent damage from the elements and is also UV protected to protect it against instances of discoloration.

2) Product Name: Woodstock gardens 72 inch Brown Ladder Trellis

Product Price: $ 14.98

Product URL:

Product Details: this decorative brown wooden ladder trellis is built to withstand the elements. Further to this, it can also be used as an outdoor décor piece or alternatively used to promote plant or vine growth. Due to its design, it can be used in both free and wall standing applications. For additional durability, all the intersections are glued and stapled as well. The product is stained with an exterior grade stain. Measuring 24 inches by 72 inches, this is made from 100% wood.

3) Product Name: 82 inches by 64 inches Cedar Roseleaf Arbor

Product Price: $ 229.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this elegant and graceful pergola style arbor does serve as a perfect centerpiece to a wide variety of landscapes in your garden. This arbor does feature some extra wide posts that are ideal for that large substantial look. It does have furniture style mortise joinery for that additional strength. This arbor is crafted from natural, pest and rot resistant western red cedar. The details such as molded components and rounded caps tend to add a large degree of sophistication. It is unstained, keeping the garden quite chemical free. It can also be stained, painted or left with its natural look.

4) Product Name: Heartwood 48 Inches Cedar Open Fan Trellis

Product Price: $ 9.97

Product URL:

Product Details: this is solid cedar construction that supports both floral vines and climbing vegetables. The planter guard heartwood stain does provide weather resistance and is therefore safe for use with edible plants as well. It does feature a stylish open fan design. It is also easy to maintain and install as well. It does come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

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