Garage Door And Ceiling Insulation Options

Garage Door And Ceiling Insulation Options – Keep Your Garage Nice And Warm

Garage insulation does without doubt cut energy bills as well as street noise. Garage door insulation is therefore bound to make your life quieter, cooler and warmer. Insulation does without doubt brighten an otherwise dreary space. There are several insulation types readily available. Some of the most popular garage door and ceiling insulation options include batt insulation, foam board insulation and reflective insulation.

Batt insulation is a very flexible insulation and is often found stuffed into exterior and interior garage walls and is usually made of fiberglass. This kind of insulation is usually backed by either foil or paper which does act as air and vapor barriers. The insulating values are R-3 to R-4 per every inch of thickness.

On the other hand, reflective insulation is usually made from rigid boards as well as rolls of highly reflective aluminum foil that’s usually applied to either one or two side of the insulation materials such as polyethylene bubbles and cardboard. This type of insulation works by reflecting radiant heat: this makes it a good insulation choice for garages that heat up in hot climates or summer. The approximate R-Value is anything around R-3.5 – R-6: this is usually dependent on how it has been applied.

Foam board insulation is basically made from rigid panels which are typically made from polystyrene. They are known to provide very high insulating value for what can be termed as its little thickness. As a matter of fact, most of the panels have a thickness of anything between 0.5 inch thick (R-3.3) to 1.0 inch (R-6.5). These foam boards are often faced with vinyl or aluminum.

It is worth noting that the type of insulation you will have on your garage door is usually dependent on the type of door. Steel garage doors can usually accommodate any type of insulation whereas wood frame and panel doors require some rigid insulation into the recesses whereas flat garage doors tend to do well with reflective or foam board insulation.

Garage Door And Ceiling Insulation Options – Recommendations

Here are examples of readily available garage door and ceiling insulation options.

1) Product Name: Radiant Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit

Price: $ 97.00


Details: you can use this garage door insulation kit to reflect up to 95% of radiant energy away from the garage so as to keep the garage warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. The kit is very easy to install and contains no foam or fiberglass. It is tear and puncture resistant and can therefore be easily installed without the need for any special tools. Further to the above, it has been reinforced for maximum durability and strength. It is also maintenance free and is resistant to mildew and mold growth. The kit does cover the standard two car garage door, measuring at least 150 square feet or smaller. The kit does include one roll of aluminum foil tape, one roll double sided tape and a roll of TempShield insulation.

2) Product Name: Foam Panel Garage Door Insulation Kit

Price: $ 69.95


Details: this retrofit insulation kit is ideal for keeping the garage comfortable during the winter and summer periods. The foam panels are 54” wide by 20” tall, making them ideal for all standard residential garage doors. The foam panels are rigid and therefore don’t fall or sag out like the fiberglass garage door kits. The high quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core is bound to assist the homeowner lower his or her utility bills. The exposed panel is usually covered by HIPS (High Impact Styrene) laminate, fully enhancing the overall appearance and yet still easy to clean. It is also easy to install.

3) Product Name: 24 by 25 Tab Insulation

Price: $ 26.48


Details: this product has been specifically designed for insulating ceiling and garage wall assemblies. The tabbed edges ensure that the product can be easily installed. It is also very durable and easy to maintain as well. The insulation does consist of a double layer of well structured polyethylene bubbles which are completely sandwiched between 2 very reflective aluminum surfaces.

4) Product Name: 9 feet Rubber Garage Door Bottom

Price: $ 7.25


Details: this garage door bottom is made of premium rubber: it is quiet effective in sealing out the moisture. The insulating door seal does cushion the shock as the garage door is closed. It is very durable, easy to maintain and quite simple to install.

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