Free Online Home Improvement Courses

Free Online Home Improvement Courses For The DIY Homeowner

Sometimes you look at your home and you just don’t like what you see. This is especially the case when your home has seen better days, is old and no longer appealing to the eye. At times, installations such as furnaces, water heaters, and HVAC systems are no longer functional. The ceilings have cracks, and the floor tiles are chipped. Whether you’ve just bought a previously occupied home or it’s the home you’ve been living in, some repairs are inevitable. At times it demands an overhaul makeover, renovation, or remodeling. While there are repairs that you can handle with simple DIY tips, some require hiring a professional. And to be honest, home remodeling professionals don’t come cheap. Repairs can be costly. Thanks to the internet though, you can save a considerable amount of money on home improvement courses. Here are some helpful pointers on free online home improvement courses.

Free Online Home Improvement Courses – Recommendations

Family Handyman (

This one is more of a home renovation website that provides DIY lovers with plenty of helpful resources. The good thing about is that you don’t require to pay a fee to use the resources. The website comprises a bunch of knowledge area categories, each with a specific set of how-to articles, hacks, and tips. You can gain free basic knowledge in areas such as gardening, kitchen remodeling, ceiling repair, plumbing, carpentry, and much more. There are also books authored by Family Handyman, which you can purchase for further offline reading on a particular subject. Family Handyman provides you with free and easy access to home improvement solutions with enrolling for an actual course.

HomeTips (

HomeTips is another website that you can use to get home improvement skills and knowledge without enrollment and tuition fees. The site provides you with access to thousands of guides and articles around home renovation, repair, and maintenance. The resource base covers subjects around plumbing, electricals, gardening, interior design, and pretty much more in an easy-to-comprehend approach. With careful selection of topics, you can actually find it more helpful than many free online home improvement courses.

The above two are only a tip of the iceberg. There are many other free home improvement resource websites you can benefit from. Just to name a few, some of these include IKEA, DIY Network, /r/homeimprovement on Reddit, and Remodelaholic. If you’re looking for specific free online home improvement courses, however, there are plenty of options out there for you. Some of these include the following.

1) Ceramic Tile Installation

Classes cover all to do with tile installation and repair for both walls and floors as well as countertops.

2) Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Mostly covers design and remodeling, as the name suggests. You learn about the necessary materials, basic fixtures, and important design features for bathrooms and kitchens.

3) Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance

You will learn to troubleshoot and repair common plumbing problems. With this course, you can fix plumbing leaks, drain clogging, and more. Some courses also cover installation and planning for plumbing systems such as garbage disposals, water heaters and more.

4) Drywall Installation & Plaster Repair

Students learn about drywall and plaster repair and installation of different types of indoor surfaces.

5) Furniture Upholstery

Teaches you how to redo furniture upholstery in a room. This includes cushioning, adding fabric, and much more to upgrade the look of a room.

Some schools that provide such courses online may include the following:

• CDI College
• Penn Foster Career School
Fortis College
Washtenaw Community College
Washington County Community College
Virginia Western Community College

Or would you rather enroll in a paid course?

Paid Course – Recommendation

Home Remodeling and Repair Program – Penn Foster Career School (

This one is a 6-month training program that is designed for those interested in home remodeling and repair. Provided by Penn Foster Career School, it comprises of online classes on a wide range of home repair services. Learners get theoretic knowledge on things such as creating blueprint layouts, framework, tile installation, cabinetry repair, and much more. Students study online via a students’ portal, with access to certified coaches and professional instructors, support staff, and training assistants. The Canadian College is nationally accredited, with more than 44,000 in 2017 alone. The difference between this program and the rest, however, is that there’s a $49.99 monthly fee.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to DIY or you’re looking to pursue a home improvement career, these courses can be helpful. Some of these certifications can even secure you a job at certain home improvement stores and remodeling companies. You can even open and manage your own home improvement business where you don’t have to handle the handy work.

If you’re looking for some career advancement courses, click here.


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