Entrance Door Choices

Entrance Door Choices – Selection Process

There are several things that a person constructing a home can’t wait to buy. A homeowner is expected to have a list of things to do when constructing or renovating his or her home. The list can include a wide range of things that may include things to do with the floor, cabinets, windows and the entry door. The process should put more emphasis on the entry doors since it is seen first by any visitor before entering your house and the fact that it can improve the safety and attractiveness of your home. There are very many entry door choices that you may consider to get one that brings the best out of your home.

Home design and décor

Have a close look at the design and décor that you want to be featured in your home. This should take into account the exterior color of your home, the construction materials used, floor types and windows which will be installed in your home. All these considerations will let you settle on an entry door that complements the look of your home.


Choosing the correct material type for your entry door is as important as making sure the door design matches the design of your home. There are very many types of material options that you may choose from, although the most popular are metal, wood and PVC. The materials have their own cons and pros in the course of using them. Various factors such as door exposure, existing climate and exposure to corrosive environment play an important role in choosing the correct material.


Choose a durable entry door since it will be used more frequently than other items in your home. It should durable enough to resist daily wear and tear and unpredictable weather. It is not advisable to go for wood door without proper treatment since it is can be associated with high maintenance costs because of peeling and rotting easily and the need for frequent repainting or replacement.

Installing a modern entry door for your home will add glamour to the general look of your home and make it secure. Below are some product examples that you may consider:

1) Deluxe Rustic Knotty Alder Wood Entry Double Door #UK20, 6’0″ Wide Left Hand: ($2,078.00 and free shipping) – http://is.gd/Cdrcq5

It is sold and shipped by Door Clearance Center. The door is usually shipped within 6-10 days. It is pre-hung and ready for installation. It comes with grille, operable speakeasy and unfinished knotty hardwood ready to paint or stain.

2) Center Arch Mahogany Fiberglass Entry Door with Sidelights #18 Patina, Left Hand: ($1,758.00 with free shipping) – http://is.gd/Va4eZs

It is sold and shipped from Door Clearance Center. It is pre-hung and ready for installation. It has insulated glass and factory fiberglass with grain texture and mahogany stain.

3) Valencia 61 inches by 96 inches Wrought-Iron Entrance Double -Doors with Eyebrow Arch In-swing and Right Handed with Dark Bronze, Operable, Sand Blast or clear Glass, forged pulls, Metal Threshold, Full Weather, Full Weather Strips-sweeper: ($3,990 when new with free shipping) – http://is.gd/2IbIxv

It is sold and shipped from HRC. It is made of 0.623’’ wrought iron and 14-gauge steel for design work. The standard door jamb measures 2 by 6 inches around the wrought-iron. It is pre-bored with 2.125 inches boring and forged iron handles. It comes with double-pane glass panels which open independently and the hardware required when assembling and operating the door.

4) 3/4 Oval Mahogany Fiberglass Entry Door #16 Patina, Right Hand: ($728.00 with free shipping) – http://is.gd/od83xJ

It is sold and shipped from Door Clearance Center. It comes ready for installation with insulated glass and factory finished fiberglass. The glass features a patina-black, textured mahogany finish and four-inch primed jambs with unattached brick mould. The door has a nominal size of 36 by 80 inches and can fit a rough opening of 38 by 82 inches. The fiberglass is durable and it can’t dent, rust or rot.

5) Rustic Knotty Alder Wood Entry Door #20, Right Hand: ($948.00 with free shipping) – http://is.gd/27dgtq

It is sold and shipped from Door Clearance Center. It comes ready for installation with insulated glass and factory finished knotty hardwood. It features a v-groove, grille and operable speakeasy. It is energy efficient with thermal break threshold and fully weather-stripped coating. It has a premium construction for durability, engineered rails and stiles to resist twisting and warping.

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