Drop In Bathtub Choices

Drop In Bathtub Choices – Replacement Options For Renovation Projects

Drop in bathtub choices are usually sold as the tub shell only and then fitted inside an enclosure that’s been framed and finished so as to match the bathroom décor, it is therefore important to budget for the enclosure separately. Drop-in bathtubs are usually set in a platform even though they can also be set into the floor, depending on the model. Some of these models have a platform and only the inside needs to be finished whereas some are rimless and so the tub is tub left flush with the floor. It is worth noting that a tub that has a raised platform is easier to get off and in than one that’s recessed completely at the floor level.

When choosing your tub, take into consideration its construction. A drop in tub can be made from copper, Acrylic and fiberglass, enameled steel, cast iron or even stone and wood. Copper is the ultimate find in fine bathroom couture and can cost anything from $ 4000 to way above $ 50,000. Acrylic and fiberglass are the most common though and come in a very wide selection of colors. Cast iron is very long lasting, but is quite heavy and hence rather difficult to install.

There are numerous features which you need to also consider, this is especially so if you are going for the high end top of the range options. Check on the available jets and bubbles, most will have in-line heaters that warm water as it circulates, silent motor technology to reduce the sound of those jets, foot massage jets mounted on the footrests, multispeed settings to adjust the overall vigor and vim of the jets and bubble only jets that provide warmed air in the tub.

If you want chromatherapy, then get a tub that has underwater LED lights which change colors to suit your mood and if you are into music, you can opt for a tub that’s fitted with resonant speaker panels which are attached to the tub, allowing you to even sync to the playlist you have in your computer. It is also possible to get a drop in tub with a built in touch pad which gives control over the music, jet direction, color etc.

Drop In Bathtub Choices – Recommendations

Here are some available drop in bathtub choices, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Duravit Daro Drop-In Acrylic Tub

Price: $ 3864.00

URL: http://is.gd/eWHA0F

Details: does feature special waste and overflow protection. The air system does include 14 to 19 air massage nozzles which are embedded in the floor of the tub. The jet system does include six to eight water and air streams which are created by rotating the jets mounted on the side of the tub. It is sold inclusive of the support frame as well as the bathtub anchors.

2) Product Name: American Acrylic Oval Bath Drop in Tub

Price: $ 1745.00

URL: http://is.gd/HWYeao

Details: this tub has 8 jets, its air jet bathtub does have 16 jets, it comes with a rectangular deck with an oval bowl. With its end drain, this tub has a pre-leveled foam base. It is also worth mentioning that the bottom of the tub must be supported with mortar or foam or other similar material for stability purposes. It is sold with a 5 year limited warranty.

3) Product Name: Neptune Zen Customizable Rectangular Bathroom tub

Price: $ 1462.50

URL: http://is.gd/YTKC1f

Details: measuring 66” by 32”, this drop in tub is available in either a left or right hand side drain position. It is also available in different tub lip sizes such as the 1,2,3,4 inch lip sizes: it is also readily available in several finishes such as Bone, Biscuit, Sandbar, ice gray and black. Further to this, the whirlpool has six square turbo jets, 13 Amp pump, 5 square micro-rotating back jets, electronic control and a diverter valve.

4) Product Name: Jacuzzi Cetra Whirlpool Drop-In Tub

Price: $ 1570.40

URL: http://is.gd/cetcE2

Details: made from high gloss acrylic material, it is fitted with the optimal water and air therapy as well as specialized whirlpool jets which are purposefully placed for targeted massage. This beautiful drop in tub is fitted with eight adjustable whirlpool jets which allow for a custom hydro-massage experience. The drop in tub does also have a contoured backrest and a sculpted armrest. It is also worth noting that the tub does have a slip resistant bottom.

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