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Donating Used Appliances – How?

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit charity organization that has been helping the less fortunate families since 1976. The main objective of this organization is to help these families overcome the chronic lack of affordable, decent housing. The Habitat for Humanity relies on wellwishers for both financial and material support in reaching the affected families. When disaster strikes, for instance, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis, many families are left with nowhere to call home. In partnership with other humanitarian organizations, Habitat for Humanity plays a key role in providing safe dwellings to such families. Although the main focus is on improving housing conditions in communities, they also accept various donations. These include appliances. Here’s what you need to know about donating used appliances to Habitat for Humanity.

Donating Used Appliances to Habitat for Humanity – 6 Tips

1. Find a Local Store

During remodeling, renovation or when moving, we tend to be left with home appliances that are no longer needed. It also occurs when you decide to upgrade your home or office appliances with new ones. There are various ways through which one can donate their used appliances through Habitat for Humanity. One of these ways is through their ReStore program. These are home improvement stores set up by Habitat for Humanity where home appliances and other donations are placed. The stores are independently owned and operated by the local Habitat for Humanity organizations. This means that finding your nearest Habitat for Humanity store is the first important step to making your donation.

2. Find out What Is Needed Most

While a donation is a donation, it’s important to find out which items are most needed from the ReStore manager. You may find that they are not in dire need of microwaves but could use some coffeemakers. This allows you to take your donations to other places where the need is greater.

3. Check the Appliances’ Functionality

It can be quite embarrassing and unethical to some degree to donate a dead appliance to charity. Ensure that the intended appliances for donation are in proper working condition. This means that you may need to plug them in to confirm. Also, check to ensure that appliances with accessories and small parts are intact. Such appliances may include blenders and food processors. You may also need to ensure that the extension cords are well insulated and that the electric appliances are free from loose wiring connections.

4. See that they’re clean

Ensure that the appliances to be donated are well cleaned and sanitized. This is because the ReStore may have their hands full from the many donations coming in and no time and resources to clean the appliances.

5. Use an Appropriate Delivery Method

You’ll also want to ensure that the appliances get to where they are needed. You’ll want to use a reliable shipping or delivery service if you can’t personally deliver your donation to the organization’s stores.

6. Be Involved

One way to do this is by getting to know the communities these donations are directed to. Visiting such places may open your eyes in unexpected ways. You can even be touched enough and end up being a strong advocate for such initiatives.

Apart from your solid donations, you can also choose to support the Habitat for Humanity financially. Every dollar you contribute will help build strength, stability, and independence to the affected communities. This also applies to other charity organizations. Supporting humanitarian organizations allows millions of families that suffer from poor living conditions have a better chance at life. And thanks to the internet, you can easily reach out to these organizations through their online portals. Nonetheless, donating used appliances to habitat for humanity is an easier and better way to offload items you no longer need. After all, you’ll rest easy knowing that you contributed to improving someone else’s life somewhere in a way.

1. Habitat for Humanity

Site URL:
Mailing Address: 322 West Lamar Street, Americus, Georgia 31709-3543 USA
Business Hours: Mon to Fri 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST
Contact Phone: 1-800-422-4828
Contact Link:

If you’re still feeling generous…….

2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Site URL:
Mailing Address: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, 2502 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suite 550, Tampa, FL 33607
Contact Phone: 1-813-720-8778
Contact Link:

3. Peace Corps

Site URL:
Mailing Address: 1111 20th St NW, Downtown, Washington, DC
Contact Phone: 1-855-855-1961
Contact Link:

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