Daily Care for a Dog

Daily Care for a Dog – Some Common Sense Tips

Only the fact that the dog is man’s best friend is itself fascinating. It’s a motivating factor for today’s man to own, keep, or at least interact with dogs. But men and women, young and old, most people love having dogs at their homes. Depending on breed, some love keeping them for security. Some will keep them as pets. Some even keep them for both these purposes. Regardless of the category you fall into, owning a dog comes with important responsibilities. For your dog to serve its purpose, daily care for a dog tips must be followed.

Maybe that came out a bit rough, or harsh. But you want to parent or own a happy dog. If you own a breed such as the German shepherd, you want him to maintain his adorable physique, amazing temperament, aggressiveness, and intelligence. If you’re a loving parent for a Maltese dog, you will want your dog to continue being sweet and adoring. And you absolutely don’t want a Golden Retriever who is always outside digging up your flowerbed. You want your dog healthy, active, happy, looking good, and behaving right. But you have to take good care of them, there’s no shortcut about it. Here are some tips for the loving pet parent on proper daily care for a dog.

Daily Care for a Dog – 5 Pet Parent Tips

Feed Him Well

Your pup needs to be fed well. If you’re following the right tips for caring for a dog, he needs enough water. Rather than a daily affair; it’s a several-times-daily affair. Depending on your dog’s breed, size, and health, proper feeding can be relative. Some dogs will consume the entire meal, just because it’s in front of them. Some will consume a huge meal bit by bit at various intervals. Others need a certain combination of ingredients and feeds. Feed your dog what they ought to eat and how according to your vet, manufacturer, or your pups weight.

Keep Him Well Groomed

Unlike you, a daily bath or eyebrow trim won’t be necessary for your pet. However, he’ll need to look nice and feel nice around his parent. You’ll want to brush your canine’s coat daily. You will also want to keep his teeth clean, lest you attract oral infections and bad breath and dental problems. Spot cleaning, which involves wiping mud off his lovely paws and belly will also be crucial. Check his paws well, sometimes thorns and blackjacks may stick to his paws and lower body.

Keep Him Active

Most pet parents are those who excel at dog walking, jogging. Most of them know the benefits of keeping their dogs active. However, there’s also a multitude that uses their dog as a companion in exercising. In the later, your dog will get lazy when you do. In case you can walk or jog your dog, look for a reliable dog-walking service to keep your pet fit. After all, Fit is Healthy and Healthy is Fit. An active dog is an energized dog. Don’t frustrate and bore your dog with fetch and tug games every day. According to www.dogtime.com’s tips for caring for a dog, canines should get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise daily.

Train Your Dog

Training a cat how to hunt can be weird and alien. Training a dog some tricks is always worthwhile regardless of breed. Your dog needs training on a couple of things. Some of these include where to eliminate, eat, how to behave with guests around, and so on and so forth. He needs to be obedient. For most dog breeds, discipline, and obedience don’t come naturally. It is their high animal IQ that allows them to learn when trained. As a matter of fact, that’s why security dogs bark at strangers and act cool with hosts or ordinary visitors. Get a trainer for your dog if you’re not so good at it or you lack the time. Do this when he’s still a young puppy and you most likely won’t regret in future.

Create a Place for Poop and Pee

Dogs won’t shell on a litter box as cats can; Mkh Mkh… dogs need to do it out there in nature. Like they’re marking some territory or something when relieving themselves. You don’t have to create an actual place for your dog to do pee or poop. Just create him an outlet if your yard is fenced and he’ll figure the rest out.

Additional daily care for a dog tips, can be found at:  Humane Society, ASPCA and Dogtime.

As For Cats…..

Here are some tips for cat owners…..

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