Cordless Window Blinds

Cordless Window Blinds, Their Benefits, and How to Choose the Best for Your Home

Window blinds are a highly important part of any home. Some of the most crucial functions of window blinds are that they help control privacy and regulate the amount of natural light entering the house. To some extent, blinds are also important as far as safety is concerned. For instance, it can be difficult for someone to know whether you’re at home or not, with the blinds closed. Additionally, blinds serve as an important part of home décor. Among the many options of window blinds available are cordless window blinds. Below is a detailed summary of how cordless blinds, how they work, their benefits, and how to choose an option that works best for your home.

Cordless Blinds and How They Work

Unlike traditional blinds that use a corded pulley system to open or close, cordless blinds are simply raised or lowered by pushing or pulling them from down at the bottom. Just like the name suggests, they do not make use of a cord to operate. Instead, they rely on a lift mechanism that requires you to simply tilt the bottom rail or twist a wand for the slats to open. This, of course, depends on whether the blinds use a headrail or a bottom rail. They are quite reliable, easy to operate and come along with a number of benefits.

Benefits of Cordless Blinds

Cordless window shades and blinds are gaining huge popularity with every tick of the clock, mostly due to the various benefits they provide to the homeowner. Some of these include:

• Smooth Operation:

Considering that they use a cordless lift mechanism to operate these blinds provide a smooth operation. In general, they quite easy to operate as compared to corded blinds. The lift mechanism also allows you to evenly raise & lower the blinds.

• They’re Aesthetically Appealing:

In addition to easy operation, cordless blinds also provide a great aesthetic appeal. The coverings provide your window with a modern look that is more streamlined that easily complements your home décor. They are also available in a wide variety to choose from so you can easily pick the theme and color that suits your aesthetic preferences. With cordless window blinds, you don’t have to struggle to hide the cords anymore.

• Added Safety:

One huge problem with corded blinds is that in case you have pet(s) in your home, your best friend may get strangled by the cords as they try to play with it. With cordless blinds, you don’t have to worry about this concern with your pets and small kids.

• Available in Many Styles:

Cordless window coverings are available in a variety of styles that you can easily choose for that perfect look in your interior décor. Some of these include traditional, modern, and contemporary styles, among others.

How to Choose Cordless Window Blinds

1. Take Window Measurements:

Before you even start comparing the options available in the market, it is important to, first of all, determine the size of blinds you need. You do this by measuring both the length and height of your windows and note that down somewhere. For the length, ensure that your horizontal measurements go beyond the frame to ensure that the blinds cover the window far enough.

2. Pick Your Preferred Color Scheme and Material:

Just like is the case with curtains, blinds are available in a wide variety of materials and color schemes. Pick a material and color that will best complement the rest of your indoor décor. Also, it is important to consider the room in which the blinds are meant for. For instance, a heavier dark-colored material would be perfect for a home theatre or the bedroom. Basically, this is where you opt between blackout, translucent, or transparent blinds. Also, consider the fabric texture that you’d prefer.

3. Compare Options from Various Retailers:

With most retail stores taking their business operations online, the internet would be a great place to try and source your window blinds. Take your time and conduct some research to determine the options available from various online vendors and retailers as well as local stores. Consider comparing the prices, discounts, and the brands too.

4. Pick and Purchase Your Blinds:

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking for and where to find them, settle on a retailer, choose your preferred fabric, suitable color, and purchase your cordless window blinds from your legitimate retailer.

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