Closet Rod Options

Closet Rod Options – Options Available

Getting custom closet components and hardware including closet rods, closet shelf brackets and rod flanges is quite a daunting task if you are keen on creating an organized and versatile closet space. When considering closet rod options, it is important to take into consideration several issues. It is important to choose a rod that has the appropriate finish, there are several finishes available such as nickel, chrome, satin etc. make sure you get a finish that’s going to complement the overall look of your closet.

The material used to make the rod does also matter. There are various materials available, from smoothened wood, heavy gauge steel, basic steel, brass, aluminum etc. chrome and brass rods tend to be pricier. Metal is usually the preferred choice because of easy hanger movement. It is also important to decide on the function of the closet rod you have chosen. The rod can either be pull down, stationary and telescoping closet rods. It is worth noting that most of the pull down closet rods are usually made from metal whereas a typical stationary rod is usually made from wood. Stationary closet rods also tend to span the entire length of the closet or alternatively they can custom sized to fit the closet of choice.

It is also important to check the sizing of the closet rod, the diameter, length and height of the rod does also play a major part. This is usually dependent on the type of closet. A master closet will demand a slightly thicker and stronger rod: the same can also be said of a storage closet whereas a child’s closet can do with the bare minimum in-terms of size. When choosing the diameter, always keep in mind that the industry standard panel diameter size is 32 millimeters.

Closet Rod Options – Recommendations

Here are examples of closet rod options readily available in the market. they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Rail Nickel Clothes Rod (36 Inches)

Price: $ 17.99


Details: this is usually used below rail wood shelves as well as ventilated shelves to create a hanging storage option. It is ideal for bedroom closets, laundry areas and linen. It is easy to install and is extremely durable. It has been constructed of heavy gauge tubing that’s made from heavy duty steel that’s easy to install: it simply snaps onto a rail rod clip below the shelves. It does adjust easily without the need for tools so as to fit changing needs. It does work with 14 inches deep rail wood shelves or both 16 and 12 inches deep.

2) Product Name: 48 Inch Chrome Clothes Rod

Price: $ 14.99


Details: this rod is made from heavy duty steel and does allow for continuous slide hanging and is ideal for bedroom closets and laundry areas. It is extremely easy to install and can provide users with a beautiful hanging storage option. It does adjust easily without the need of tools. The rods are available in nickel and chrome.

3) Product Name: 1.25 Inch Chrome Steel Closet rod

Price: $ 4.50 per foot


Details: allows you to add instant hanging support to an existing or custom closet. The rod is made from steel and has a very sleek design and finish. It does have a diameter of 1.25 inches. The rod is great for custom clothes hanging solution. It is worth noting that for rods measuring over forty inches you may need to put in some rod supports.

4) Product Name: Custom Size Nickel Hanging Closet Rod

Price: $ 3.25 per foot


Details: allows users to add stylish and sturdy hanging option for clothing in any closet. It is quite ideal for re-designing or giving your current closet a new look. It is worth noting that each and every closet rod does feature different installation options and can also be easily cut according to your measurements and the general layout of the closet in question. Made from heavy grade steel, it does have a contemporary and stylish nickel finish.

With its one inch diameter, this rod can be installed using a variety of rod clips. It can also be installed onto any custom closet partition using closet rod flanges for that snug fit. It is advisable to add some rod stops at the end of each rod for that finished look and also ensure that cloth hangers don’t slide off at the ends or edges of the rod.

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