Closet Racks

Closet Racks – Organizing Aids

Is your closet disorganized? Are you tired of having to push back items whenever closing its doors? Organizing your closet is not an option. It’s simply a necessity for you to make your home look neat. In fact, with closet racks, you’re only utilizing the available space in your closet. There are no major sacrifices whatsoever.

Getting started

1) Access the clutter

To know which style you want to adapt in your closet, you have to assess the clutter first. If you need a design closet system, how much of accessories will you store in that closet? Once you know what you need and what you don’t, you can go ahead and make purchase decisions based on your needs.

2) Take measurements

The truth is, you take measurements every time you’re buying closet equipments. So you’re going to take the width and depth measurements before heading to the stores. This also calls for carpentry skills because after taking accurate measurements, you’ll need to DIY that project correctly.

3) Organizer shopping

Find an organizer that will best fit your needs as well as budget. Most of the closet racks being sold in the market are Do-it-Yourself items, and you can install them in one day. However, if you have a unique way of installation in mind, then you can have professionals on staff that is ready to assist you when buying and installing those items.

4) Do-it-Yourself

These days many people are into do-it-yourself projects. There are 3 main reasons why people prefer to do it themselves. First, it has to do with the cost of working on the project, and then the allowance for creativity, and finally; quick and easy family bonding.

Chances are that you recon the benefits of buying and installing these things on your own, which is OK. People who DIY things know that store-bought furniture have crazy price tags and especially if made of solid wood. Again, the cost of labor is something to consider when hiring a professional. What’s more, if you buy a piece of furniture that comes pre-assembled, then you’ll need the help of a professional to set it up for you.

5) The freedom of expressing yourself

If you install these racks on your own, your options are limitless. In fact, if you take Do-it-Yourself matters into your hands, then it means you have the option of adding, replacing or removing parts of your closet if you desire to do so. You can even install sliding doors as opposed to the usual French window type.

6) Bonding with your family while doing the job

Your kids will most likely be there when installing racks inside your closet. They are going to benefit in that more space will be created inside the closet to accommodate even more items. Think about how you’re going to sit down after dinner to discuss the design with your family. They will contribute to your ideas, and this will make your installation fun and easy to work on.

7) Brands to go for

This is the hardest part when looking forward to buying racks. But the fact is, you don’t have to buy a well-known brand to get quality products. There are still several wood pieces being sold in the market that are of top-quality.

Closet Racks – Recommendations

1) HDS Trading Storage Box Closet Organizer (

This is a 10-shelve closet with varying colors. With this rack, you can either store your daily wear shoes or dress shoes neatly and organized. It’s the cheapest shoe rack you can get at only $13.

2) Easy Track Closet RS1600-TON 24’’ (

These are wood pieces ideal for DIY lovers who want to curve their way out of the usual norm. In fact, with these pieces of wood, you can expand your storage with unique space designs on your own. Alternatively, combine multiple units to make the space even more versatile. You can buy them today at Walmart for only $45.

3) EasyTrack Closet RS 1423ON 24’’ white shelves (

Do you have additional space that needs to be occupied inside your closet? If yes, then these beautiful white shelves will make a versatile storage solution in any unit. They cost $26 only.

4) Easy Track Closet RS1412 12’’ white shelf tower (

With these white shelves, you can configure your closet to serve more space while looking good at the same time. They feature a white laminate finish to make them aesthetic and also easy to clean. Lastly, installation is also very easy to do. The cost is only $38.

5) Easy Track Closet RS3003 Cherry corner shelves (

This beautiful cherry finish corner shelf serves as a versatile rack inside your closet. It comes with all the screws, pins and support brackets needed to set it up. Get these sets today at a price of $99.

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