Closet Hooks

Closet Hooks: Space Savers

The closet is among the most respected areas of a room. That’s because it houses clothes, belts, footwear, and other dressing accessories. Therefore, because of this, it’s in your best interest to always make it look good. Particularly, we’re putting more focus on closet hooks which keep your clothes hanging straight on the line.

1) Tubular hangers or Hooks

These are considered unique pieces which are ideal for hanging T-shirts, Polo necks, dresses, or even blouses. Tubular hangers simply accommodate light items in your closet, so you should invest in several of them. The lightest of these hangers will weigh 34g, while the heaviest is about 53g. So choose according to your needs.

2) Suit hangers

Are you hanging tailored suits and jackets, or do you have special evening wear that you need to keep in your closet just in case you’ll need them later on? Well, you should know that thick hangers alone don’t take up space in your closet; rather, it’s the thickness, shape, size, and padding of the garments that consume all the spaces inside your closet.

Suit hangers of this kind will hang the garments because they have the capacity to give heavy suits and jackets enough support while hanging them.

3) Cedar hangers

When moisture or pest is a problem, then cedar hooks are ideal compared to wooden or plastic hangers. You see, cedar repels pests naturally, plus it’s an excellent moisture absorber.

4) Metal hangers

These are not only strong and durable; however, it’s a guarantee that they’ll make a chic impression on your closet, guest closet, or office reception. Metal hooks are available in a number of finishes to match your taste.

5) Commercial-quality hooks

These are similar to the ones you see in department stores. The good thing with these hangers is that they can be used to group outfit together. This is possible because each hanger has a small pin that connects it to another, thus you can group garments together as desired.

6) Padded hangers

If you have special evening wear or delicate knits you want to keep in best shape, you should invest in padded hangers for that matter. They come in various colors, plus the padding is wrapped all over the hanger, and not just on top of it. These are exclusive hangers for people who want to pamper their delicate outfit, special jackets or costumes. So if you love your clothes so much, this is the option to go for.

7) Multiple/tiered hangers

Some closets have space that is premium or hard to reach. If you have a closet whose content is hard-to-reach, then these hangers are highly recommended because they’ll give you an easy time. The reason why you should go for these hangers is because they can hold multiple items in a small space, thus you end up creating even more space inside your closet.

8) Over-sized hooks

Adult hangers which are standard in size measure between 17 and 18 inches. So, over-sized hangers should measure anywhere above that range, say 19’’ wide. These hangers are best for over-sized garments that threaten to take up more space.

9) Clamp hooks

Clamp hooks are used to securely hanging pants from their cuffs or skirts from their waists. They should perform this task without leaving a single wrinkle on the garments.

Closet Hooks – Recommendations

This is a quick list of closet hooks we’re eying in this shopping list:

1) Spectrum 16200 Closet Rod hook (

These are closet rod hooks which can be used to hang your accessories inside the closet. They are nice, minimalistic, and also easy on the pocket since they cost $3 per piece.

2) InterDesign Classico Rod Hook 2 (

They are made of steel to hook loops over your closet rod to create more space for items. These hooks can accommodate belts, purses, ties, and many more. The price is $7.

3) Honey can do 24pk suit hanger, Cherry (

The contoured design of this hanger allows you to hang t-shirts, jackets, dresses, and every other item together. It also features a 360 degrees swivel hook which rotates on closet rods, thus allowing convenient hanging. They cost $22 each.

4) Whitmore wood suit hangers (sold as a set) (

They promise to keep your garments neatly hang, thanks to their cute natural finish which makes them more practical and cute to look at. The price is $16 for 16 pieces.

5) Whitmore plastic space maker suit hangers (black) (

These plastic cloth hangers are amazingly thin yet strong enough to hang more clothes inside your closet. You can conveniently hang clothes in your closet with these hangers at a cost of $10 a set.

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