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Closet Door Choices For A Mobile Home

A closet door is both functional and aesthetically appealing. It is important to think about the space available when you are choosing one. You also need to consider your needs and style preferences. There are various closet door choices that you can choose for your mobile home including:

1) Pocket Closet Door

This type of closet door is also known as a sliding pocket door. It is a good option when your bedroom space is limited and it cannot accommodate a conventional swinging door. In addition, it is a good substitute for hinged doors. A pocket closet door is designed to slide sideways. It disappears into the wall cavity in your bedroom.

You can choose between a door and single door configuration. If you are looking for an easy way to add floor space in your mobile home, this is a great choice. It can give you an additional ten square feet. One of the main advantages of this closet door is that it requires very little maintenance.

Pocket doors gained popularity during the Victorian era but designs have changed significantly since then. Available designs are fortified and the hardware is better quality.


ReliaBilt White 2-Panel Sliding Door (

This is an adjustable closet door that comes with a roller to allow quiet operation. It has a bottom guide that ensures the door stays on track. The door is designed for quick installation. It is also durable and can last for up to 25 years. This sliding door is available for $136.01.

2) Mirrored Closet Door

This type of closet door allows you to turn your mobile home into an elegant space. It is a great choice if you want a small space to look bigger than it is. The door comes with a full-body mirror, making it more convenient for you to get dressed. It is ideal for mobile homes because they tend to have small bathrooms that cannot accommodate full-length mirrors.

There are various options to choose from when you are selecting a mirrored closet door. To add some classy to your mobile home, install a door with a chrome tinted mirror. You can also install a door with a stronger mirror but it will be necessary to ensure your hardware can support the additional weight. The mirrored closet doors are available in various forms including bifold panels, sliding doors, and hinged doors.


Veranda 60 Inch White Framed Mirrored Sliding Door (

This is a great choice if you have classic décor in your mobile home. When you purchase this closet door, you can choose between wood, opaque glass, and mirror inserts in metal frames. It is available for $109.

3) Bifold Closet Door

This kind of closet door can be compared to an accordion because it folds like one when you open it. It has two panels that are designed to fit in a track that runs from the top to the bottom of your closet. The door can move in two directions. You do not need to have a lot of space to accommodate this kind of door, making it a great choice for mobile homes. It offers easy access to all the parts of your closet. You can choose closet doors in bright colors if you want a modern space.


ReliaBilt 6-Panel Hollow Core Textured Molded Composite Bifold Closet Door (

This closet door is made of high density fiberboard. It is designed to resist cracking, warping, and shrinking. The door is primed and this means that you can paint it in any color after you purchase it. It is available for $44.

ReliaBilt 24” x 6 ft 8” Framed Mirror Bifold Door (

This door comes with factory installed hinges and this makes it easy for you to install it. It also has a safety-backed mirror. When you purchase this closet door, it comes with all the fasteners and hardware you need. It is deigned to allow you to access the entire closet. This closet door is available for $114.

These are three of the most common closet door options that are available for mobile homes. They help to save on space without compromising on style. It is important to consider your style preferences and the kind of look that you want to create in your mobile home when you select closet doors.

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